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  1. Yes that's them, looks like not graded and that's a shame as they are on all doors/windows. I will price for them to be changed cover my ass. Thanx SWB
  2. Im after the grade for aritech shock sensor (i'm guessing G2 but could be wrong) and are they still available ? I have seen some listed but not sure on availability. House has them on every window/door on ground floor and would like to reuse them if possible for new panel (I'm also assuming the analysers are separate and aritech panels didn't have them built in). I have also had a quick google look but could not find aritech on web and I can't remember who took them over. Thanks
  3. All your cabling comes under BS7671 unless it has its own standards like London under ground and the likes.
  4. They are the questions from mybuilder Mybuilder = race to the bottom. The only calls i got from that site regarding security was can I fit a Ya*e system or CCTV they have purchased themselves.
  5. Just buy the SmartCom and put the wificom in the bin.
  6. What happens when resident comes out in night and walks to front door? do they not set off your vidieofied thing! Provider not really wanting to sort local problem?
  7. Page 37 & 38 of manual. On main PCB red cable to the far left and on com port red cable to top (where it says jp1)
  8. Yes thats an old Premier 412 or 816 panel you have, I had one with LED display keypad. As far as I know you should be fine with the (Texecom Premier Keypad) replacement keypad you have, but a quick call to Texecom and they should be able to confirm.
  9. It’s not all going to be mesh I was told just the data links, so existing wireless stays the same.
  10. Depends on spec, I'm surprised your customers are asking for Galaxy kit? all customers I deal with don't have a clue about intruder brands. They just want the price. What else have you trained on or know? You have Pyronix, Texecom or HKC as alternatives.
  11. Only works with the Pyronix cameras, (the indoor and outdoor ones). Not the best in the world but works.
  12. I bought a HKC panel & keypad the other week to have a play and see what the fuss is all about. My god the new keypad is bad in every way and the programing.. well it's easy ish but bob basic. I was expecting more as loads on here love it, but to me it's all a bit old for me, the only part i like is joe public can't buy it.
  13. Just made me think of this sorry lol Also as Peter has said the voicebox.
  14. Have you enabled flex set for that user? You have to enable flex set globally and then for each user. im not sure if it's needed as I always have one set, but you may need a zone setting as FX or ER You also need zones assigned to area A & B to uses areas A & B !
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