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Found 3 results

  1. I'm reasonably competent with all things electrical / electronic and recently moved in to a new house. I was initially planning to go for a full wired system as the house supposedly had a "first fix for Alarm", long story short the first fix was rubbish and had no where near enough cables for the kind of security I was looking for. So I decided to go with a Texecom Premier Elite 64W with a rough mix of 50/50 wired and wireless sensors, I also got the SmartComm as I wanted the ability to talk to it remotely with my phone etc. The parts I bought were: 1 x Premier Elite 64W 1 x SmartComm 1 x Wired Prox LCD Keypad 3 x Wired Magnetic Door Contacts (to which I added the EOL resistors) 3 x Wired PIRs 1 x Wireless Prox LCD Keypad 1 x Wireless Magnetic Door Contact 3 x Wireless PIR's 1 x Odyssey 3 External Wired Sounder The 64W has 4 onboard wired zones and the wired keypad also has 2 zones, my plan being to use those 6 zones for the 6 wired sensors and have everything else wireless. The install went really well (with just the 2 sensors to the keypad left to wire in) , everything in in DEOL I powered up the panel and when through the language setup, date / time, confirm devices etc with the wired panel, I got it to learn all the wireless sensors powering them on one by one, I've even managed to get the SmartComm connected and working through my phone. Here come the 3 issues: 1. It's lucky I bought the wired keypad as I cannot for the life of me figure out how to connect the wireless keypad, the wired one is set to Keypad 1, and I set the DIP switches in the wireless one to be Keypad 2 (0100). How ever the wireless keypad simply displays "No Ricochet Network Found" when I press the tick to activate it. How do you correctly configure the wireless keypad on to the system? Will I need to re connect the installation jumper or can I add it from the engineer menu? 2. Cannot get WinTex to connect at all using the SmartComm, I've never used this software before but on first look its absolutely awful! I'm going to try with a direct serial connection to the panel as soon as I get 5 minutes. 3. Additional zones from the wired keypad, will they be zones 5 and 6? I think the Wireless sensors were zones 9 to 12, who knows what zone 8 is (unless its the stupid wireless keypad I cannot get to connect). Any help with the above issues or pointers would be very much appreciated, hopefully I've given a reasonable explanation but any questions please ask! Kind Regards Kevin
  2. Hi, Not a complete newb when it comes to intruder alarms - I look after physcial security (intruder, cctv and paxton access) of 105 buildings at work, but this is purely a post from someone who is installing a DIY home intruder alarm and wanting to learn to help with diagnostics etc at work. I've just bought some Texecom kit and have started the install... I thought it would be useful to document here as I found the forum users to be extremely helpful as I was doing some initial research - so hopefully will help others in future too as google searches nearly always end up here. Kit​ Premier Elite 32 Zone Wireless KIT0001 2x Ricochet Quad PIRs 1x Ricochet DualTech PIR 3x Ricochet Impaq Plus ComIP module ComUSB cable Odessey X-BE wired sounder Wintex Ricochet Monitor Initial Observations At this point I have the panel mounted to the wall, the keypad and external sounder connected up, all the ricochet devices learnt with the panel in commissioning mode, detectors physically installed and walk tested ok. I can connect to the panel with wintex and the comUSB lead and, in conjunction with the keypad, this is how I setup everything so far. I also have the ComIP installed on COM1 on the board, and have allocated a static IP. I can also connect via wintex to the panel over the LAN. The lid tamper error that was showing EXP 1 1 was due to JP7 being in commissioning mode - as soon as this was changed over, the tamper error went away. Now that I can connect via LAN, I have unplugged the ComUSB cable and refitted the panel lid - the lid does not fit with the ComUSB lead attached to the panel. The Engineer Hold Off feature with the Texecom sounder can be set by accessing the Bells test menu and pressing the OMIT button on the keypad - the message BELLS DISABLED will be shown. Now the questions start! 1. How can I turn off the keypad button press beeping? It is irritating the wife (and myself) with all the button presses during programming! 2. Apparently I can access Ricochet Monitor from within Wintex with the ComIP module connected to the COM1 port on the panel (how I am using wintex to do the programming) - I can indeed click the Monitor button in wintex, it appears, but it shows 32 empty slots and the below isn't right either: If I connect the ComIP module to the Ricochet Monitor connector on the panel it works for Monitor software and I can see all the wireless devices - but then wintex software won't connect to the panel I was assuming I could have both tools working with the ComIP connected to COM1? Thanks in advance
  3. Gavin Kay

    Ricochet System

    Hi all, I have had experience with alarms before as I work for an alarm installation company (which have now moved onto CCTV). After installing a Texecom Premier 24 in a previous dwelling I opted to go for the Premier Elite 48-W for our new house complete with a single keypad, Texecom bellbox, 4 Impaq Contact-W, 7 Impaq Shocks and 7 QD-Ws. I have been back and fourth with a Texecom representative regarding an issue with an error Network 1 - Exp 1 lost, this then appears for Exp2 and Exp3 with the sounders going. This panel has expanders actually on the circuit board so I cannot figure out where the fault lies. Texecoms answers were simply to check its not in commissioning mode and so on. I have the CommIP module connected to Comm2, this does drop connection from time to time but apart from that its fine. I haven't wired up the bellbox yet as an outside cover wasn't included, I had the tampers linked out but this didn't help either. Does someone know any better than me who can advise? I have attached a log file and a couple of images. All the shocks and contacts have had the commissioning jumper removed too, this has been double checked. Thanks Gavin 0390 18:45:20 09/02/2013 Tamper Alarms A . . . Network 1 - Exp 1 Lost 0391 18:45:20 09/02/2013 Tamper Alarms A B . . Zone 010 Tamper Alarm - Front Door Door Contact 0392 18:45:20 09/02/2013 Tamper Alarms A B . . Zone 012 Tamper Alarm - Living Room Shock Sensor 0393 18:45:20 09/02/2013 Tamper Alarms A B . . Zone 013 Tamper Alarm - Patio Door Door Contact 0394 18:45:20 09/02/2013 Tamper Alarms A . . . Zone 014 Tamper Alarm - Living Room PIR (Left) 0395 18:45:20 09/02/2013 Tamper Alarms A . . . Zone 015 Tamper Alarm - Hallway PIR 0396 18:45:20 09/02/2013 Tamper Alarms A B . . Zone 016 Tamper Alarm - Spare Room Shock Sensor (L) 0397 18:45:21 09/02/2013 Test Start . B . . Alarm Active 0398 18:45:21 09/02/2013 Tamper Alarms A . . . Network 1 - Exp 2 Lost 0399 18:45:21 09/02/2013 Tamper Alarms A B . . Zone 017 Tamper Alarm - Spare Room Shock Sensor ® 0400 18:45:21 09/02/2013 Tamper Alarms A . . . Zone 018 Tamper Alarm - Spare Room PIR 0401 18:45:21 09/02/2013 Tamper Alarms A B . . Zone 019 Tamper Alarm - Master Bedroom Shock Sensor 0402 18:45:22 09/02/2013 Tamper Alarms A . . . Zone 020 Tamper Alarm - Master Bedroom PIR 0403 18:45:22 09/02/2013 Tamper Alarms A . . . Zone 021 Tamper Alarm - Rosa's Room PIR 0404 18:45:22 09/02/2013 Tamper Alarms A B . . Zone 022 Tamper Alarm - Rear Bathroom Shock Sensor 0405 18:45:22 09/02/2013 Tamper Alarms A . . . Zone 023 Tamper Alarm - Kitchen PIR 0406 18:45:22 09/02/2013 Tamper Alarms A B . . Zone 024 Tamper Alarm - Kitchen Shock Sensor 0407 18:45:23 09/02/2013 Tamper Alarms A . . . Network 1 - Exp 3 Lost 0408 18:45:24 09/02/2013 Tamper Alarms A B . . Zone 025 Tamper Alarm - Kitchen Door Door Contact 0409 18:45:24 09/02/2013 Tamper Alarms A B . . Zone 026 Tamper Alarm - Loft Shock Sensor 0410 18:45:24 09/02/2013 Tamper Alarms A . . . Zone 028 Tamper Alarm - Shed Door Contact 0411 18:45:24 09/02/2013 Alarm A B . . Zone 026 24hr Audible Alarm - Loft Shock Sensor 0412 18:45:28 09/02/2013 Not Reported A B C D System Access by User 00 - Engineer 0413 18:45:54 09/02/2013 Not Reported A B C D System Access by User 00 - Engineer 0414 18:45:54 09/02/2013 Open A . . . Reset After Alarm by Engineer Reset 0415 18:45:54 09/02/2013 Maint. Alarm A B . . Installer Programming Start 0416 18:46:04 09/02/2013 Maint. Alarm A B . . Site Data Changed 0417 18:46:13 09/02/2013 Maint. Alarm A B . . Installer Programming End 0418 19:12:37 09/02/2013 Not Reported A B . . System Access by User 02 - Gavin 0419 19:12:37 09/02/2013 Open A B . . Door Access by User 02 - Gavin

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