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  1. Thanks for the detailed reply I will give that a whirl when I have the panel off in the next few days! Kevin
  2. I've looked in to this a bit further and its the DigiModem port I'm hoping to use, in the ComPort+ instructions it says use the Digi Port and has a diagram with the orientation, however it doesn't cover the Elite 64W, which has male pins instead of a female socket. I've taken a picture of the board connector, com port add-on and cable. Can someone maybe suggest which way round the little board goes to connect to this port? Kind Regards Kevin
  3. Thank for the response, and detailed instructions ........ so thats what the little cable is for! I think that was maybe the only booklet I hadn't read! Wireless Keypad now installed and working! I think my next task will be to get Wintex Working as I believe the detailed config will be much easier to do from there. I have tried using the "Connect with SmartCom" menu and a freshly generated App Code but immediately upon clicking connect I get a "Please Check Your Network Connection and try again". I'll have a play tonight and see where I can get to, as a last resort I wil
  4. I'm reasonably competent with all things electrical / electronic and recently moved in to a new house. I was initially planning to go for a full wired system as the house supposedly had a "first fix for Alarm", long story short the first fix was rubbish and had no where near enough cables for the kind of security I was looking for. So I decided to go with a Texecom Premier Elite 64W with a rough mix of 50/50 wired and wireless sensors, I also got the SmartComm as I wanted the ability to talk to it remotely with my phone etc. The parts I bought were: 1 x Premier Elite 64
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