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  1. Can anyone help? I have tried to register on a website that will send me leads,but, in order to qualify I have to answer 10 questions, I failed the first try at them, being a plumber doesn’t help! I am looking to branch out in my local area and enter the alarm installation business, by using 3 party installers working for me. Looking to register and receive leads prior to engaging with installers in order to see how many leads this site will generate. Any help greatly appreciated. The questions are as follows: 1How do British standards affect the installation and maintenance of security alarms? 2 How would you install a police response alarm? 3 Which intruder sensors are ideal for a household with pets and where should they be placed? 4 What is your understanding of "secured by design"? 5 How might you troubleshoot the false alarms of an exterior siren? 6 When might you be concerned about the length of a cable run? 7 What aspects of a new CCTV installation is notifiable work? 8 How can you keep CCTV media libraries up-to-date whilst ensuring that all potential evidence is securely stored? 9 In what circumstances would you recommend adding a wireless camera to a wired system? 10 What value does your work offer over advanced DIY security systems?
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