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  1. I didn't know this - nice security feature. I am aware that setting the alarm from the App overrides the programme volume, which I'm not sure is a feature I like... But overall very happy with the product and its connectivity ☺
  2. Many thanks Amps, that clears that one up! Thanks all for the help.
  3. Hi James, I do recall reading something similar in the Manual, and thought I'd selected the one to test the App, but maybe I pressed the ARC one instead? I'll check when I get home later and post an update.
  4. Hi all, Hope you're well? I'm in the engineer menu of my Enforcer with WiFi module. I have the HomeControl+ app installed on an iPhone and Android. I'm pressing the 'Test Communications' option but nothing is happening on either device... I am able to use the App as normal on both devices. One user is set up to receive Arm/Disarm notifications which seem to work fine. Does anyone have any idea what may be the problem? Thanks in advance
  5. I think the main problem is that I was inputting the master manager code instead of the user code (which wasn't set), but once I added a user, set user parameters for zones A and B, it worked. But don't tell anyone that I was that stupid ;-)
  6. This was the problem! I thought 'Flexi Set' was a global option only, and whatever you set it as using the Engineer Code would be a global thing, but apparently not. Thanks for this, and thanks to everyone else on the thread for taking the time to help me with this issue, your experience and expertise has been greatly appreciated.
  7. Yes, it has a final exit. I even tried changing this to entry/exit route just to see if it made a difference, but still didn't. Yes B is part set, although it has no inputs assigned to it at first so it has to be done manually.
  8. No idea what the problem is. I've checked inputs are assigned to the Zones in question, I've enabled flexi set, I've done everything that I can possibly think of, plus the advice given on this thread. I've initiated a clean start, still no fix. I can only assume that there's some kind of fault with the system until Pyronix get back to me. Thanks for all the advice so far. Will update when I hear back from Pyronix. Any other suggestions more than welcome in the meantime ;-)
  9. I've obviously done something wrong with the inputs or something because I'm only able to assign Zone A to a user. I'll go and have a look...
  10. Good idea. Hadn't thought of this. Will try and get back to you.
  11. I will definitely try this tomorrow. All zones were assigned originally, but I still couldn't select to set Zone B when I entered the user code. I definitely only have the one code as I tried deleting all users and trying again to no avail. I've definitely done something wrong regarding zones. Do you mean zones as in A, B, C and D or zones as in Sensors? I presume you mean A, B, C and D in which case, I have been into these and amended the parameters to what I want, but it still would not let me. I had A and B as full and part set respectively, and C and D as unused. Thanks all for sticking with me through this, it's greatly appreciated!
  12. Ok, many thanks for your help and time. I've asked Pyronix so will post back here when I get a reply.
  13. Yes, the same as Zone A apart from the upstairs sensors.
  14. Thanks for the quick reply. Yes Area B is assigned to the user code. If I enter the code, A is highlighted only. If I try to select B, A remains highlighted but B still doesn't come on.
  15. Hi there, Thanks for your reply. I went here and it was already assigned to all zones. However, I set it to A and B, but this hasn't worked :-(
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