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  1. Yep, or 9 calls on the Saturday just because the sun's out and the kids wanna go out haha
  2. Just the one com port, it's an ftdi chipset usb to serial adaptor, which I would question but for the fact it works on every panel I've ever had it on regardless of brand etc... Very sound point actually yes I do recall having specific errors relating to ID, password etc in the past on other galaxy's.
  3. Al- it come back with "bad response" after a minute of saying getting identification. Nova- think that's how I hit it to begin with, but need try that one again to make certain. Just a thought, does deleting the downloader ID in the panel and setting it back as the default actually achieve that, or is it like the rest of the range where you need to default the panel to clear a previously set downloader ID? I ask the above as whilst on site I was lead to believe it was a panel my company had installed and commissioned, only after leaving site I was informed it was actually installed by others so may have been remoted with a different downloader ID. Newish to this company
  4. Not had chance to try that yet but will, prove the lead out etc Tried 1200 and it defaulted at 9600 pal
  5. Gents, Not got access to trade yet due to posts count, so, if anyone can offer input on the following; Trying to connect to a G2-44 locally with the A228 serial lead and fully up to date RSS. Keep getting "bad reply" fault when trying to connect. Default downloader ID is in, set unique site ID in panel and RSS. Honeywell tech useless just said that I'll need to keep changing serial ports and try and if it doesn't connect I'm all outta luck! Cheers in advance
  6. Ashton I've got the downloader software, send us your email address and I'll get it over to you tomorrow
  7. Fire & Security service & installation engineers currently being sought by well established Oldham based family run company. Training & progression on offer, strong family values and an enjoyable environment. For job descriptions & contact info please leave your email address or direct message me.
  8. ? Thanks Norman, hi James
  9. Just a quick intro, I was a member of TSI for a number of years only let my login lapse etc so here under fresh start. Been in the industry 13 year now, coming from consumer electronics background i started out predominantly intruder. Through a number of positions at various companies across greater Manchester I've become an all rounder, fire, intruder, access, CCTV, some some gate automation, hold an auto door technician card via the ADSA etc. Hopefully be nice to get active on here again along with the similar groups on Facebook. So that's about it for now!
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