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  1. CSL Miniair

    Yes mate, A basic SPST for the Premier/ Elite range and a SPST with 0v trigger input for Veritas Both panels need a few options changing
  2. CSL Miniair

    Not a bad little device, I did some testing and evaluation on it for CSL last month. Signalling works fine, quite a fast device, Although the IPhone app needed a little tweaking but I'm assuming this would be sorted by now.. Got it setup and controlled by iPhone working on remote set/ unset for all Texecom panels, including veritas. I can see a market for it.
  3. Pyronix Keypad

    The non prox isnt made anymore, only the prox keypad
  4. That's an ABI, Logo on left pcb corner
  5. RAMS

    We use this and do our own, Needs renewing every 12 months https://shop.citb.co.uk/RACD0015.aspx
  6. Conxtd App

    Not fussed about a confirmed, It does do exactly what I want regardless of the issues I seem to have with the user interface, All I'm concerned about is Open/Close, Intruder & PA alerts
  7. Conxtd App

    Not on mine it doesn't, Click on the yellow bell and it greys out showing the events in a dropdown, Once you exit it the bell symbol is yellow again.. It just wont clear These are screenshots showing exactly that, Bell is yellow, Click bell for events, Bell clears, Bell goes back yellow with same events
  8. Conxtd App

    Hi Jim The problem I'm seeing is that new events are not clearing, It's still highlighting events that have been viewed as new. The actual events list display is bang on and extremely easy for anyone to understand and follow, it's got smaller coloured icon indications to the left and well informative text description of the event. My absolute single dislike is the default dashboard view with the huge icons that in my view is pointless. As you can see, the detailed view is perfect, but dashboard view just clutters everything. Clicking on any of the tabs just comes back with clutter that's not the easiest to follow and doesn't clear new notification events on the yellow coloured bell symbol..
  9. Conxtd App

    How many of you are you guys are actually offering CONXTD to your end users. I've tried it a few times, I actually hate it, It really pains me to say that I think the interface is far from user friendly In my view it needs a lot of work to make it more informative and less of the in your face symbols and colours that clutter the interface.. Its a shame really, On the plus side, Its bang on at sending all the notifications out and the price is spot on, I did speak to Callum about this a couple of months ago, He said it had improved a lot, It just shows cluttered on my iPhone, Not tried it on Android. Unfortunately I cant see me using this
  10. I can get one sent direct to you, but there has been a general manufacturer price increase, this thread is 2 years old, I've not ordered one for a while now, I would have to check the current cost in the morning for you and get back to you tomorrow
  11. 'Anti-Code' Opinions

    It's probably the original battery that's baking your power supply making it really hot. There may well be a voltage in the battery but chances are it's holding little to no Ah capacity. If it's that old it's probably broken or breaking down and pulling the life out of the power supply, hungry for the charge... but can't as it's goosed.
  12. 'Anti-Code' Opinions

    Surely there is your indication there is a potential problem. You must be mad if you ignore this... Rip it out and bin it
  13. 'Anti-Code' Opinions

    Yes, we always do. It's a slow process with the oldies. It's documented that they are informed each year and advised accordingly..
  14. 'Anti-Code' Opinions

    Battery charge output is the issue, The highest one I remember was 14.38 at the leads, They are always known for running high and have a habit of killing batteries every 3 years