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  1. I've still got a fair bit of the older scanny stuff out there that's still going strong. Didn't really have much go wrong with it back then
  2. I am being serious, I speak as I find. IMO its bin tat. Were not refuse to use Orisec panels, I've said previously that they need a lot of work Their keypad plastics are fine, detector plastics and lenses are rock solid, BUT the keypad displays are far too cluttered and the text display quality looks naff I guess its each to their own, As someone once said to me,.... You can put lipstick on a pig,... But its still a pig
  3. I never used it, I saw the demo of it and that was enough, That muppet Norton tried to tell me how the antenna works on the panel, How superior their antenna system was compared to other manufacturers... He was totally talking out of his at$se at the time, He showed me the demo kit, powered it all up and it was utter dog *****. Wireless range was worse than poor, the newer keypads look like they belong in toysRus.... The kit is toss imo
  4. Eaton, Pfft, Bin fodder
  5. 1, The wireless keypad has a DIP switch, There is a cable in the box to hard wire, This will get it initially configured and setup on ricochet 2, Wintex Software does work, It works well if you know how to use it. I've used it for years. 3, Wired keypad zones can be mapped, In your case Map RKP zone 1 Panel zone to 5 & RKP Zone 2 to Panel zone 6 Wireless Keypad setup is covered in the small single page manual, Its a very simple and easy process If your wired keypad is set to Address 1, Enter engineers code on wired keypad Press HOME or MENU button / Press TICK or YES / Press TICK or YES Set the wireless keypad to address 2 using the DIP switch on the back, Then insert batteries When prompted on screen to (Learn Keypad) Press YES or TICK, Keypad will bleep. That's it, Job done Wired keypad will end up as Address 1, Wireless keypad is Address 2
  6. ADT System

    Not if you’ve a good working database of eng codes it ain’t.
  7. Yes, Karizma can be done, default user and engineer only. There is a choice of P pins that do a specific job. that all I’m saying in public.
  8. You could get someone to default the engineer & user codes only, no need for a full default. A decent alarm co / engineer could default them within no time at all.
  9. How do you twist your cable?

    Small 10.8v Drill, every time for me
  10. Texecom V4.00 Issues

    Ok, instead of me totally ripping this entirely out and sourcing an alternative, Can someone approve sending us a replacement kit with 2 keypads. At least I can speed up the swap out by importing the original config off my tablet before going to site. Then I'll arrange for it to come back to you. If that's possible I will speak with the customer tomorrow to arrange.
  11. Texecom V4.00 Issues

    Interesting thing is that both the keypads I fitted on Monday were over the 40% threshold you mentioned. On the ricochet monitor, One was 3/5 and the other was 4/5 on signal bars and both were direct to the panel with no hopping ?
  12. Texecom V4.00 Issues

    The only difference is, It was purchased as a KIT002 with additional wireless keypad The one here now is flying around with no issues, Could it be panel related rather than keypads. Clearly they work I've just proved / confirmed that The KIT002 was one of the newer Elite 64, Firmware 4.00.24 and it was the first one we've installed of the newer variant and also for the wireless keypads Admittedly I jumped straight onto bashing the keypad as to me, this is the latest product and thinking its just never a faulty panel.. it doesn't ever happen to us Its effortless on my Elite 48 with a 32XP expander... What's your thoughts on this ?