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  1. Thinking of Subbing?

    I've set the bar far higher tbh..
  2. Thinking of Subbing?

    You need new managers..
  3. Thinking of Subbing?

    You should know the difference,it's a bit like **** and elbow..
  4. Thinking of Subbing?

    The basics should be,ecs or safety passport depending on which sites you want to get on,ipaf 1b and 3 a minimum add as many as you can afford,some form of asbestos training working at height training,then add the rest like confined space,manufacturers trianing,fia courses etc you will be up against people who have them all if you want a decent rate
  5. URN Enquiry

    Not sure what 9651 was referring too regards hv was this sia code,could of been ht but hv if in log is actually cv (control voltage) either induced or an attempt to disable the zone
  6. I can't wait for this one,my life is on hold waiting for the answer,
  7. Hello all from an engineer from the 70s

    Used to have loads of those on systems connected to a map6 they were still going strong well into the early 2000's
  8. Changing H&S Regulations

    As pse says 99% of sites ask for it as do most factories/manufacturing plants etc it also goes on the Rams what each engineer holds,ecs ipfa etc
  9. Old Garage Alarm

    He did but when it goes Pete tong all the valves are getting locked open, fck the heating costs
  10. Old Garage Alarm

    It's a basic boiler tbf she has had heating co,s look at it before,but my old man installed it and as his forte was bms it's all the zone valves ,flow/return and circ pumps that pull hot water from different areas to heat another area all controlled by a panel he built and they haven't a clue how it works they just want to diss it all and start again,my old mam says there's a drawing he made before he passed on but no one can find it,one day I might suss out how it all works i had a problem with my old Apollo boiler again rang around they didn't want to know as its 25 yr old managed to find some Young British Gas lad who works on them all the time and it turned out it was a pilot direction tip onto the thermocouple replaced for around £10
  11. Old Garage Alarm

    Me too,I changed a thermocouple on my mams old Mexico boiler part readily available from any trade counter no questions
  12. Old Garage Alarm

    Same as electrical/plumbing/builders places anyone can buy anything they want this game is no different
  13. Old Garage Alarm

    honeywell do a wireless dual tec