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  1. Ademco accord xpc help

    # clueless......but that comes with an alarm engineer never having worked for an alarm company...oh the irony
  2. mr doyle

    romec are now royal mail again,cbre took the post office contracts most engineers got paid off they binned all there commercial customers and just do in house if your ready to work at a slow pace and wait forever for a decision to be made id go for it
  3. ATI 6000

    The 6000 was way ahead of its time,decent panel tbf and quite simple to prog ,and I'm still alive
  4. We're in the WRONG trade guys!

    mine done the same,i done the same when old man brought the van home(before the days of personal company vans) i blame him i became a spark
  5. We're in the WRONG trade guys!

    i was taking home 600 a week early 90's doing marine great money then,great money now tbh sick of working away ended up in this game working the clock to make the same,now im older and wiser (cough) i use norms wisdom (pardon the pun) life work balance is more important than the bank balance
  6. We're in the WRONG trade guys!

    thats the downside,saying that ive done so much call over the years i might as well have been working away,chasing the money is fine at the time,in hindsight i wouldnt do it again
  7. We're in the WRONG trade guys!

    its all relative as you move up the housing ladder i guess,he worked the rigs later on but not the same money i dont think the rigs pay v risk is great these days
  8. We're in the WRONG trade guys!

    theres money to be made if you take the risk,old man worked in war zones in the mid to late 70's as a spark was coming out with £300 a week which was about the same as this 150k thing, think the average take home pay in the uk was around £50 a week back then
  9. We're in the WRONG trade guys!

    my mates son was earning that as a spark,he was in afgan tho ,lived on site no alcohol no internet and you risked your life every day,worth the risk? not for me
  10. good system,codes easily reset to prog bells only,but let him waste money on a g2
  11. Getting sub contractors

    I know a good fire lad based in Blackpool ,works anywhere gent approved tho you will have to go through his previous employer for gent additions anything else is direct,comes up here often to do gent stuff for us,top lad proper grafter
  12. Think the op might be looking for a new job soon,you don't air dirty laundry in public
  13. HELLO

  14. Galaxy Dimension - Time issue

    Your not,crystal isn't a back up