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Does security professionals organise meets?

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After listening this AV show podcast https://www.avshoptalk.com/episode12/

I wonder if Security professionals in regions gathering regularly for a pint and chat? Or if no then maybe someone will step in and organise one? Or I'm silly and security pros would never meet together to prevent that massive fight to be published in the newspapers? ;))

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NSI have regional meetings I used to go to these until they moved the venue, I dont go as often nowadays, I believe that SSAIB do similar, we have on occasion met up for coffee or a pint at IFSEC but not regularly we are all spread out over the UK so for most it would be quite a drive to meet up 

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2 hours ago, james.wilson said:

many years ago we organised a tsi meet up but it wasnt something the members wanted iirc

No suprise if i was there

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10 minutes ago, whistle said:

I remember meeting up with a good few of you lot at the high fliers cafe at Birmingham Airport for breakfast before ifsec once or twice about 12 years ago.

I remember that, I remember how everyone was fascinated one year by Richards Lotus Elise 

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On 10/06/2020 at 18:19, MrHappy said:


that it made it there without breaking down ?

Ha ha lol

On 10/06/2020 at 18:27, whistle said:

or crashing into any buses 

...and that's even funnier!! lol

I really can't be ar**** with it anymore.

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