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  1. I have used the 64 from the enforcer data and hard wire the front door, entry PIR and the speaker to the keypad.
  2. Can anyone explain or offer me a copy specification about how and what i am supposed to state on my contract to cover me due to poor remote viewing. i have a customer who has very poor internet. The cctv pictures from the NVR are good, but when they remote view the quality is poor and the dwell or even freezing isnt acceptable. I have stated that this is due to poor internet but they say they were not told that this could happen.
  3. Secom (I believe) use their strobe to activate on confirm.
  4. I installed one of those door knox things from SytemQ a few weeks back to a new build. The thing is intermittently buzzing and of course the customer wont pay and System Q are hopeless. I suspect the sparks have wired in my cable routes as i have even temporary lashed cables across the floor and everything appears OK. But its intermittent so how would i know. If i fail all the mains its clear but again i cant do a prolonged test so how do i know. I asked for a second kit on supply or return to prove kit but SQ are having none of it so ive purchased a second kit and the problem persist and im stuck with kit i dont want. BTW please dont tell me i shouldn't have bought from them. Hindsight isn't going to get me paid. Anyone any experience in sorting this problem or even how to explain to the customer whats happening?
  5. We have an airing cupboard with a cylinder. when the new cylinder went in as you described and the cupboard became the coolest room in the house. We had to install a tiny rad to compensate.
  6. This was a topic of discussion on Radio2 Jerremy Vine? Yesterday. Amongst the discussion was HIK having state funding and embedded access.
  7. Went to one today where display reports a supply issue and log says Sunday 15:30 node 1. The system only has 2 x PSU and both are functioning as exspect yet the issue won't clear. Any suggestions?
  8. By looking at that site does it mean my computer is now mushed?
  9. Where did you pick up I was angry? I'm not. BTW confirmation predates EN introduction by more than 10 years in some cases. Your international mix of engineers should require zero changes in regard to standards if they were a true standard. Do I need to post a smiley?
  10. Most jobs I do have mags on the corridor side as the doors open inwards same as Rulland. Not sure about protected area though. These are access control doors and not outside the protected premises as a whole. If they were perimeter doors I would see an issue.
  11. Interested, I'm not allowed to program user omit either. I've never asked why.
  12. What I'm saying is we should Never have been forced into using an EN in the first place. Europe dictated we comply with things alien to our shores. BS4737 should have been allowed to evolve with the way the UK work. The EN never worked in the UK and therefore required amendment making it by default a poor document. PD 6662 is a sticking plaster to that document. We now have the opportunity to write a proper engineering standard SPECIFICALY for the home market representing what we actually do. If we work over the water we should do as the locals require. It's us and them because Us (Europeans) don't exist other than some dictatorship ideal and no matter how much sugar coating or brainwashing is applied. Leaving the EU doesn't close the door many including myself like to visit. But it is a visit and when I see my neighbours do something interesting and different I'm happy to adopt their recipes but only if the locals here have the taste.
  13. If it (EN regs) was never unworkable, why did the UK have to add a PD 6662 to it? Oh that's right it wouldn't work in the UK so we had to change it. look over the water to the same EN in name our neighbours are using, its a much smaller and simpler document. Which BTW makes a joke out of the word standard.
  14. As with most things there's good and bad. So my answers would be both. We now have an opportunity to take the best of both.
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