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  1. Just ordered new one now. This had new battery fitted in on last Wednesday anyway.
  2. Well then why it's not showing anything when measuring simple 2k2 resistor? Anyway I'll test on other multimeter on Monday will see but I think it's faulty.
  3. Yeah it's display only 1 like it's ready for measuring
  4. 0 all the time 0. I have just checked on resistor and showed 0 as well. Obviously on kilo ohms I checked. So I just think meter is faulty?
  5. I do own multimeter... I'm just asking because it's not working for me. I was told to twist to spare cables in each device together and measure resistance on those two cables in panel site. But each pir I have measured shows me 0 so clearly there is something wrong. The reason I ask was just simply to make sure that I'm doing it right.
  6. I have a question as I never done that. Will anyone be able to tell me step by step how to do resistance reading for NSI ? I know each zone need to be measured but can anyone tell me how should I do it ? Please ?
  7. Guys anyone know where I can download wintex from ? I got CD but unfortunately my laptop don't have cd player and texecom website wont alow me to download as I'm not registerd installer on their web.
  8. Hi WDT, All been sorted already but thank you anyway for trying to get me on the right track. I really appreciate a hales from all guy here even those a bit sarcastic
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