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  1. You will have to stick an analyzer board in for the shocks if you want to use the euro or just keep the hkc
  2. The only time I see the SPC/Signet wireless devices go discon is either when the tamper is open or the battery is removed. Apart from that I'd say faulty sensor
  3. Maybe just an Irish thing but they previously blocked the serial port to third party digis
  4. Just a heads up that the the latest firmware 3.3.5 blocks a lot of dial capture units. If the HKC panel sees anything under 30v or so you will get a line fault error. MiniAir units and their clones seem to be impacted
  5. Are these units graded, very little info available on them
  6. Are you using the code + command eg 1234 ssta. GSM pin set up correctly Definitely a setting wrong somewhere
  7. I've had issues with the visonic contacts too. Also had issues with the pyronix kit. I havent tried hkc but imo there's no perfect wireless system, they all have their faults
  8. I usually don't go below 6 fps, its more than enough. I know some installers who insist on going the full 25 fps, unless your making "movies" it makes no sense.
  9. jnealon

    Led Floodlights

    I know you meant to put in a link
  10. jnealon

    Led Floodlights

    Any links to a specific model. I looked at some 50W lights in my local suppliers and the earth was not connected in them, would have expected that from cheap ebay tat but not a local bricks and mortar shop
  11. Im looking to replace a few 500W halogens with led floodlights. Anyone used them or recommend a supplier, thanks
  12. That's a kestrel panel, a bit before my time but still see them around. They also make the kes-lok
  13. It's just a standard 230/18v AC transformer. Here's one on ebay Just make sure the trafo meets the relevean IEC BS standards and you should be fine. I wouldn't bother swapping the panels, speak to your local rep about upgrading the firmware
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