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  1. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Decking-Kitchen-Plinth-Lighting-Small/dp/B012OTNWPY/ref=sr_1_18?ie=UTF8&qid=1462522859&sr=8-18&keywords=small+decking+light Want to wire these in my new house every other stair, want to have a fused spur in the hallway connected from the switched live and neutral of the hallway lights. Thing is the power supply on that is plug type, just want to know what power supply i should buy so i can connect it to a fuse spur. I was never any good at working out what type of power supply is needed so pls go easy on me A link to the correct one would be great, it has to be non plug type (or one i can cut a mains plug off and wire into a fuse spur, not the sealed plug type)
  2. Square as most people set up there logo with that shape. (and my logo name now seems as if its describing a pin cushion to a borrower) Thanks for the hard work you have been putting into this forum btw, must of been hassle changing it all over even though its still not perfect its looking good.
  3. I see people using tapatalk to post in forums etc but for the life of me can't figure out how to work the app. i go to search this from and its not found. Must be doing something wrong.
  4. Me dont like very much but then no one really likes change. Cant see where the latest topics are though although i haven't really looked hard enough. - desktop safari
  5. Yeah around 210 inc vat for a 2 x pir, 1 x contact, siren, 2 x keyfobs and speech dialer panel. Each detector there after is around 30. I think hkc are a lot dearer but let me know if there is a kit they do around the same price..
  6. do they have a kit for the same price as powermax complete kit/enforcer pstn 2 kit? with dialer or text sender?
  7. When i started fitting them coming from powermax completes i thought they were horrible to program but its just what you get used to. I hate the fact its not a proper speech dialer like the powermax but just a text sender.... Also it costs the customer 50p every 18 days to send a test signal to the pyronix centre... thats not great explaining to a customer. Anyway i love the look of them compared to the powermax but my other gripe is there is no flex holder..... they expect you to use a very tiny cable tie to hold the flex..(not even supplied). visonic provide a lockdown plug type flex clamp that works... also you have to buy the 5 pound backplate to have any chance of doing any wiring beyond a flex cable behind the panel even the flex cable and bt cable is tight.. also the panel doesn't talk recorded "arming away" like the powermax complete but it does look a lot nicer along with the key fobs look better and the bell looks better imo. i wish there was a panel with the best of powermax but two way radio and the looks and range of the enforcer (yes i know power master but thats a different price bracket). I can't decide what is the better panel atm - obviously enforcer for security and range but for features to the customer and install quality its the powermax for me still..
  8. Went to a neighbours house whose decorator had powered a yale wireless alarm down, took the keypad off the wall to find a little watch battery rattling around inside it and had broke of the pcb. Fitted enforcer the next day.
  9. bit of a bodge but how about this combined with another relay controlling the power from the output? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NE555-Timer-Relay-Switch-1-300-second-input-DC-5-12v-TIME-OVER-RESET-Delay-relay-/221580876256?hash=item33973fd9e0:g:TC4AAOSw1x1URG0v
  10. Im not sure i have contributed enough to be a mod wouldn't want to make the others feel like why has he got mod status. I wouldn't mind either way but I'm not leaving now I'm running on my own. This community is like having a small company of experienced managers (a lot of you are) to ask opinions of and very invaluable at times.
  11. I put up with a very low wage when i was apprentice. Do you have a full apprenticeship yet or willing to earn it? Can take 3 years but you can also be fast tracked or do other training courses to the equivalent of. If they are going to train you and you come out with more feathers under your cap than you already have then why not? But its down to if your willing to be on less pay and want to be in the industry. Its not easy and some of the guys at my college would travel for hours to get there and be on the same low pay as me but we all knew it was worthwhile and make us like gold dust in the industry.
  12. In the horror story section, very fitting. I dont know why i was talking like the thread was a day old and the op's were gonna read it
  13. Wow i really like there bags i feel like a woman who wants a louis bag lol. http://www.vetopropac.com/open-top-lc or http://www.vetopropac.com/products/tech-mct the first one would suit me better but i like the idea of being able to zip the majority away. the second i feel a lot of my stuff just wouldn't go in there nicely.
  14. I too have done cctv service in a crem in london, the "guided tour" door/window you mentioned i think has to do with muslims/islam. i think their religion requires them to see the process or something like that. I remember cleaning a camera directly above an oven (it was on) normal practice is a paintbrush to dust them off/clean cobwebs. I remember dusting it over the top and about a cm of ash/dust came off the top and thinking how many people did i just brush away .... I made a point not to smell or breathe through my nose whilst in there as the ovens were on and it was a busy place and i didn't want that smell in my memory.
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