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  1. In many respects, I'd go along with that but excessive hours do take their toll and ultimately, we do slow down. Or, make silly mistakes which take time to resolve.
  2. I just get selective with both calls and emails. I work on the basis that emails are just a modern day postman pat. Therefore no rush to respond.
  3. And here's who was in charge of guest hospitality. http://www.fashionpulis.com/2014/06/my-granny-escort-meet-85-year-old.html
  4. Especially when she found the beverages.
  5. Indeed there is, last time I looked, £75 per head.
  6. Well, you know. As long as its under the staff entertainment tax limit.
  7. I do believe she's on the next strictly dancing. Unless i'm just living in hope.
  8. They were my bottles, Made the journo's hire a skip for theirs.
  9. You've got me all wrong. Oh, hang on, that's someone elses usual excuse.
  10. i was convinced i'd blocked my home cctv from t'interweb.
  11. I know it very well, as Matt knows.
  12. Chaps. Tiswas. the ultimate show.
  13. You sure?? http://www.cheap-registrar.com/domains/searchresults.aspx?ci=83269&prog_id=whois&pl_id=107275
  14. Domain registered down Cornwall somewhere isn't it?
  15. Or did you think i wouldn't notice?
  16. That the best you can do for your mate?
  17. Only one installer in the south west fitting premier?My, the firmware issues really have taken their toll.
  18. Best to check domain registration and ownership locked down tight??
  19. We get BT dropping out every month, both business and domestic. VM about once every 6 months.
  20. In fairness Adrian, what else can Risco say with regards to up time of their cloud service.Non of them can guarantee 100%. Too many variables outside their control, but which they'll still be perceived responsible for. Not even in house I.T. Dept's, yours included, promise 100%. And they are in control. Firmware is also in your full control, recent history is hardly a ringing endorsement that gives bragging rights over others.
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