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  1. James, as I always say, my English is bad, but the forum is great. Sorry again if I did not express myself well. It is possible to hack into a CCTV system without knowing the password of the router or IP cameras?
  2. Hello everybody. As always, sorry for bad english. Today, a friend (who has a CCTV system in your company) said that a few days ago had managed to view the cameras from another company on your smartphone. According to him, the company that provides the tracking service, reported to be a problem when using the same model of DVR. That may have been a conflict of IPs, or something ... honestly, looks like an attempted invasion. It is very easy to break into a network and view the IP or analog cameras within the same network?
  3. No. In fact it seems to me is the phone company, because regardless of the device used, the commands are only accepted when the line is the same phone company.
  4. Hello James. I tested with two different cell phones, and only when calls are made ​​by the company "A" have success in all attempts. When using other, independent of the device, not always the panel understands the codes.
  5. Hello to all. I installed a control panel that accepts commands via phone (DTMF), but since last week, she has had trouble accepting commands. When the connection is made by a conventional phone in just 50% of attempts to understand the central command. Already when performed by a mobile phone, with the phone company "A" with success in 75% of attempts, and another (B) in almost 100%. DTMF codes are generated by the device or the phone company? Anyway, the panel is under warranty, but I want to make sure that is a defect before changing. PS: sorry for my bad english.
  6. Thank you all. I chose the RK815.
  7. Guys, thanks for the help. Reading an information about Texecon, found the information "pulse counter", what is it?
  8. Yes, it is also important. In fact, not only protects these ACT camouflage, but also an ambient temperature close to the human body. In addition to motion detectors, seismic be used (impact).
  9. Thanks, Six. The place where I will install is high risk (jewelry). I've read the manual available on the Rokonet site but I can not understand if all Iwise have ACT or just a few.
  10. Six, you say the technology or the brand 'ACT'? No other manufacturer has the technology that detects the use of covers or umbrellas?
  11. Hello everyone, first of all, sorry for my bad english. I'm in doubt between two sensor models: Rokonet RK815DTAMG3 and Texecom AMDT. The Texecom has the ACT (Anti covers, umbrella) technology or just anti-mask? Thank you.
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