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  1. Everyday's a school day. Makes you wonder why questions are asked if it's 'piss easy'.
  2. Well looky here, the 6 fingered one grows a pair. If you thought this guy was 4i Matt, then you're dafter than i thought.
  3. Perhaps the £20k is being better spent already?
  4. Errr, why have a dog and bark yourself?
  5. Perhaps they'll do it free of charge, at their discretion?
  6. Them new lane assist units are very good.
  7. You mean there is one? i'll retire before bothering with that.
  8. O contraire. Personal invites only.And how dare you, alarm engineer. Shudder the thought.
  9. Unfortunately, not heading that far south. Gloucester, then hanging a left along the M4
  10. Word is it is much safer to stay at home than be out and about in Cornwall on a Friday.
  11. What about Fridays?Word has it cheap shots are quite common on Friday nights.
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