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  1. LOL. Fair enough. Give me a shout if you need another tester
  2. Any idea what the release date will be for the new panel?
  3. Will it be possible for existing Enforcer panels to use the new app or will the panel need to be upgraded or replaced with the new version?
  4. Thanks for the clarification, much appreciated. Interesting use of the word 'yet' - can you elaborate? In the meantime I'll try another SIM and see if I get any joy with UDL on T-Mobile. By the way, the UK marketing brochure (linked above) definitly says this: How do I check the balance of a PAYG SIM? If your network supports Low Credit Balance text messaging, when the GSM SIM credit reaches a certain level, any received low credit balance messages will be forwarded to the primary Mobile Phone telephone number stored in the panel (providing that there is enough credit left to send
  5. Yeah, that's what I suspect. Would still like to know why text messages sent to the panel aren't forwarded to the primary mobile, and why UDL PC dial-out isn't working from the panel - it looks like that is supposed to work in the UK. It'll be a shame if the new app / cloud monitoring doesn't work with current panels - hopefully there'll be some kind of upgrade available for existing installs, but I suppose it will be a panel change. Maybe @jiml can clarify?
  6. Have just installed a Pyronix Enforcer with DigiGSM (the Enforcer GSM Kit) and am having trouble with some of the SMS functionality. The Enforcer sends SMS messages when it is supposed to, but does not respond when SMS messages are sent to it. The marketing brochure says that the DigiGSM is supposed to be able to control the panel, and should also forward any incoming SMS messages to the primary number. It isn't doing either of these. Am also trying to use the DigiGSM to dial out for UDL, but that does not seem to work either - the dial out connectivity test fails. Also, calls to the D
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