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  1. OK the abort time was set too high so the event wasnt recording in the memory....so thats that sorted. But it still doesnt solve the issue of the alarm going off randomly for no reason. At least now i can set it and check what sensor goes off and maybe find a fault with that individual unit? If not then i dont know what to do. What do you mean by the external warning device? the PIR and the door sensors?
  2. Hi, Ive been having false alarms in the night from my Visonic Powermax + unit but when i try and investigate there is no record in the memory of an alarm trigger? Ive done a walkthrough test and there is no trouble indicator plus all the batteries have been recently changed....i really dont know what to try next. Even when i just arm the door sensors and not the pir`s it still triggers a false alarm now and then, then when i go to investigate there is no record? Any ideas folks
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