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  1. But on the plus side, at least you should have found the way there and back.
  2. The camera alerts that come with the garmin seem pretty spot on.
  3. Honest answer?No idea, never tried. Blue triangle does me just fine. Might be worth having a snoop here though. http://www.pocketgpsworld.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=index
  4. Get yourself a memory card for it (8GB will suffice). You'll be busy upgrading the maps, firmware etc tonight.
  5. Its an Alpine head unit I have in my van. Like I said ok unit. But, the maps are never the latest, only updated once a year....and at a cost of £100 a time. Them update costs mount up, making the Garmins a cheaper option. The traffic and accident updates, whilst helpful aren't anywhere near as good as the garmins realtime either.
  6. Oh dear. You made it sound like you had your good lady sat t the side of you.
  7. They kept the launch of that quiet. But what do you do when your lass isn't with you?
  8. I leave the mount on the screen. Holds well. The satnav is held onto the holder by a super magnet. Connections are part of the fitting so simple to disconnect. I don' like the phone ones - can't surf the web at the same time. I have one built into the head unit but, whilst good, it just isn't as adaptable as the portable ones - i use it for a journey overview. Like all toys, i suppose i all depends on how much you'll use it as to its value. I cover North of Scotland to 6 finger bumpkin territory (Cornwall), so for me, it pays for itself.
  9. More options than you can shake a stick at for settings. I think Matt has shares in them though - i don't think you can turn off the McDonalds poi, but hey, i'm sure we could all find that useful occasionally.
  10. I personally consider it well worth it. Pin sharp images, cracking display. Go on, treat yourself.
  11. If you have the pennies, then this is the one to get: https://buy.garmin.com/en-GB/GB/on-the-road/in-car-sat-navs/current-models/nuvi-3598lmtd/prod121763.html If you want a cheaper option - very similar model , but poorer screen then look at the 2598 variant.
  12. Cubit

    Exchange Woes

    Enough things change on pooters and networks without any added interventions.
  13. Sack them off. You do need an engineer because he will have to check in the panel. Simple enough. But it is NOT the end users job.
  14. Exactly. Code monkeys aren't cheap. so priorities have to be made.
  15. Can you blame them? You say you aren't happy with your current database but still won't jump. Why do you thik those that are 'comfortable ' with their current offering would? They may save a grand getting a new DB then spend what on populating it, testing it, getting familiar etc etc. Clik know exactly how many would move across. It's their job to know.
  16. God knows how many new Asda's gonna be sprouting up for you Southerners too. The small supermarket type.
  17. Market forces dear boy. Aldi and lidl are being a pain to some. Why might that be? Local Greengrocer, market stall usually cheaper too.
  18. I wasn't aware it was compulsory to use them.
  19. Clearly a builder. Reckon he's arfwits sparky. http://search.diynot.com/forum_search.php?sortbytime=0&q=&stype=0&author=snadge&page=2
  20. So, a budget of £199 then. Just like DD said.As you've already been told, you ain't gonna get anyone on here recommending anything at that price band.no matter how many times you ask.
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