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  1. think you have made some good points. I think suppliers should accept the fact that not everybody is going to be a fan. everybody has they own opinions. there should always be a platform for debate. at the end of the day you are not going to change someone opinion of your service/product simple by speaking to their boss.
  2. fooking hell, sorry peter. I am getting auld yea naw.
  3. sorry james. did not read that far back. your advice was also good, taken. got paid today. customer happy. on to the next one. beginning to like this gt600 panel even if it is just a revamped 595...mind I do not use it fully....
  4. not phoning them for help. take Normans advice and rip them out and start again. apparently the whole estate is the same, 15 years old.
  5. good info and the keypad circuit board do appear to be the same. many thanks. also took normans advice, new alarm went in today.
  6. I see them all the time. walking down our high street with a video camera filming in general. are yes and there are always 'that number of police' about very quickly. pity the mic on the camera did not pick up the conversation between the girl and the police. also while I am on. if someone objected to my flag them I would not have being so bloody calm about it. and before everybody goes off on one. there was a guy down my way, hung the union jack from his council house. he got a letter from said council to take it down. the second letter was threatening him with eviction. the flag was removed and a petition went in to, no reply and no avail. so this flag thing is nothing new.
  7. there lies the problem "within" but like cancer we need to cut it out, but we do need to start like 'yesterday'.
  8. alterEGO do you mean, you got 600 challenger v111 for sale. lol.
  9. does that mean a c and k keypad will fit the system
  10. does anybody know where I can get one in the north east. thanks.
  11. well done. thank you i now have a conplete list of all the panels.
  12. please provide me with a list thanks
  13. just in case, i am reading this incorrect. bt wire for alarm circuit. it has a solid core and is not very flexible.....alarm cable for alarm circuits...but if as i first thought , you are plannining to extend your bt line then the solid core is ok.
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