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  1. Perimeter Protection is for outdoor wall, balcony, window, courtyard, garage door active detection and safety alarm. It prevents crime from the first place before illegal intrusion is happened. Frequency conversion mutual shooting active infrared fence, infrared lighting wall is the best ones for accurate detection. It is easy to install with multiple ways alarm output of wireless, wired, and BUS output RS-485. It is with advanced technology of anti interference of near frequency, strong light, animal etc. Advanced features 1. It can be set as single beam blocked alarm or any neighbor bea
  2. Lol. It is very interesting! Love the joke.
  3. Hello Niknak, This is Sarah from China. Generally, the sophistical security project needs more than one manufacturer's products. So, traders always cooperate with some manufacturers to provide complete products.
  4. Hello Martyn! This is Sarah from China engaged in trade business of security alarm systems. I believe you can success cause you insist.
  5. Hello, Steve, I am Sarah from China. I work as supplier of alarm systems, home surveillance as well. I added you as friend and hope to communicate. Because I would like to know the advantage & disadvantage of the products and we supply to installers according to their requirement such as cheap accessories.
  6. vedard


    :thumbsup:Hey, nice to meet you and greeting. This is Sarah from China specialized in burglar & fire alarm systems products sales. Well, many experts here to learn from. It is a very informative site.
  7. Hey! I think Texecom and Bosch are popular there. But if you want to know more other brands especial China brand, I can recommend to you. Well, many distributors are selling China brand security systems now. The reason is simple, it is cheaper than famous brand but good quality as well. For example, the pet immunity PIR can escape 10kg pet.
  8. It is a mechanic window contact. I'v never seen it. But wondering why not use a magnetic switch?
  9. Generally speaking, grating or beam will be as perimeter protection.
  10. Hi! I am here to search something about security alarms and very glad to find this forum. I don't know IPB and VB. But found professional security guys here. Feel at home cause they are sharing something I am so interested. Thanks!
  11. vedard

    Community Panic Alarm System

    Community Panic Alarm System, Wireless GSM Alarm System, Intruder Detector, Alarm Receiver, Alarm Linkage Surveillance, Alarm Report and sending.
  12. vedard

    Security Solutions

    Security solutions for security projects including hotel security solution, school security solution, community monitor system, bank video surveillance, panic alarm systems, villa security systems, burglar fire alarm systems.
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