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  1. Could be the standby battery has given up and dragged down the system
  2. Has the speakers connections been disconnected
  3. Are they mounted on a solid base or outer cladding ?
  4. Is the 690 not programmed the opposite to what you normally do in that the zones you think are included are excluded, I'm sure I had this years ago and that was the only way I got it working
  5. Your only other option was to programme the telephone number/s you want it to dial into the receiver tele number and put any 4 digit account number in other than 0000 and when the alarm activates it'll call the numbers 8 times and just beep at you. But best invest in a speach dialler that way you can acknowledge any activation message
  6. If the phone line wasn't connected before you started it may be that the system has been hit by lightning so disconnected, you can check this by doing a continuety test with a multi meter check between phone line b terminal and earth (it may be a teminal and earth) if you get a reading of about 10 ohms or less the pcb is damaged
  7. Another option is a curtain pir on its side at approx light switch level, in the good/bad old days there was a (wondered ?) ex35 pir that had a pet option within it, so that if you slid the board to pet it acted like a curtain don't know if there a newer version out there now
  8. If you're just putting power on are you holding the tamper switches down as from memory the things sounded when you put power on till the tamper switches are closed, also watch the big white paddles as they were for anti foam and caused nothing but hassle so slide them off
  9. You do get pet friendly pirs for the galaxy the only issue I've had is cats like to jump on things so unless you can site them so as there's nothing in the field of view the cats will jump on, the only other option is the old turn the detector upside down and mount it lower good luck
  10. I would suggest with the dining room one if the activation was around sunrise that it's a good chance it'll have been a spider, as any time I've had activations around sun set - sun rise it's spider playtime
  11. What part of the country are you in Gin ?
  12. I had this too, so I bypassed the tamper loop part of the contact and no more problem, can only think that the loop isn't very good inside the contact, this is the pair of white wires that are there only for a tamper
  13. The Galaxy panel also doesn't always have enough power on the outputs to be seen by a auto dialler ect. you may need to fit a transistorized relay to get it to work
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