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  1. Hello, Bought a house with a working Scantronix 9100 system. That was in 2019. Today, I decided to open the main box and found the service paper record inside. Serviced yearly from 1989 until 2014. 25 years and counting. I want to keep the system. I like '80. Anyway - I am omitting ZONE 3 at the moment. It consists of 6 vipers. Since zone "3" is showing while arming I assume one of the vipers fails. Without Zone 3 everything works just fine. I can use a multi meter, unscrew and connect a new Viper but I need to know which one is faulty ;) I don't know what is EOL, etc so please don't ask me that. Each of them is flashing red when knocked after couple seconds - this I have checked. I also have a little switch under the main box that would reset flashing red leds on vipers. I can visit them vipers by one and check with a multi meter but I would really appreciate a little help here as I have no clue which terminals I should measure. Please help me if possible explaining what read on what pair of connectors would say a given viper is damaged. If you need any photos - just let me know and I will provide. Thanks in advance. Artur
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