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  1. Not a Veritas it's Gardtec and means line fault.
  2. It will vary by model and manufacturer, in theory they could poll each other I doubt the majority for domestic do. If they are mains powered and radio interlinked then battery power is less of an issue. I fully agree that the emissions from this stuff is negligible your neighbours WiFi, nearby cell towers, traffic lights....(list goes on) will be emitting more energy. I have already posted a type suitable if you don't want wireless.
  3. It's still the same question really. You also have to consider data protection for all that customer data. It would be an integral part of the main database for most here. If you didn't you are maintaining multiple databases.
  4. How are you scheduling and issuing work to people at the moment?
  5. Say multipack not to be sold separately on the back?
  6. Only if it's mounted with blu-tac.
  7. You don't say what model Elite Veritas is a double pole only panel so you have put resistors in detectors? If the keypad is unresponsive to the code then you have an issue on the network line, check panel LED's adjacent network for faults or for double address.
  8. Not possible currently AFAIK. The only way I know you can arm a specific Part Arm is with SMS module and the "parm" command. You can get outputs from if Part 1,2,3 is set/unset but no way to set 2 or 3 directly apart from above.
  9. Yep, just set all equipment, users and zones back to A only.
  10. If both areas are Final Door you can't arm everything from one location. Entry/Exit 1 and 2 are just different timers not necessarily routes. I would suggest to either set it up as one system all A for now and then in future if you need to separate it into two systems you can use areas and local arming so it would be like having two systems.
  11. You can Disable zones for all modes in the Disable Suite but you also have option to disable full set zones individually on a Excel. It maybe programmed as some Auxillary zone type instead of an alarm one, even if the zone is enabled. Or Silent PA, a number of things I suppose. If you don't know the best way to prove hardware is to default the panel to make sure there is no daft settings been set and forgot about.
  12. Could be bell/panel or wire between. depends how it's all wired. If external tamper was linked and bell duff could feedback to internal with no log events, for exmaple.
  13. Hope it doesn't do it again...? There is no guarantees it was the LM terminal and even so maybe testing it didn't show voltage that was there. Is everything powered from the panel so LM is at the same potential? It could be something daft with the panel or the dialler to be fair. I would remove all the dialler wiring and then try reset if it did it again that will prove the panel not dailler.
  14. Also .. if you are a tenant in the house ask the landlord before you do anything. Systems would be recommended for inspection and batteries checked annually, then replaced on average every 5 year. Unmaintained systems are a headache waiting to happen at 4am. If you don't wish to use the system at all in the future, then best to have the system decommissioned rather than it consuming electricity and causing issues like this for you in the future.
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