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  1. sixwheeledbeast's post in Risco Digisense Pet Sensor was marked as the answer   
    Would only use pet sensors as a last resort, best to install perimeter protection in those areas.
    Bosch ones seem to work well.
  2. sixwheeledbeast's post in Galaxy Speaker Output Vs Sounder was marked as the answer   
    A sounder makes a noise, a speaker mimics the tones of the panel for different conditions (Fire, Intruder, Entry, Chime, etc)
  3. sixwheeledbeast's post in Texcom Expanders was marked as the answer   
    Hopefully you have a power supply in there somewhere.
    3 Expanders without a bell at the end is already a fair amount of current.
    Either way it's a good idea to use Low Current and/or SCB mode on the Bell, so you don't drag the expanders down.
    Program Expander Input as Bell Tamper, wire Return to input.
    Power from the Aux.
    Trigger in an output programmed a Bell SAB
  4. sixwheeledbeast's post in Texecom Premier 832 Addition was marked as the answer   
    Pointless doing anything without the engineers code, which they won't give to you as this puts there other customers at risk.
    The panel also while it's a bit untidy, looks full so no room for additions.
    Your better talking to your current maintainer.
  5. sixwheeledbeast's post in Reson8 Gives Low Level Alarm When Main Siren Disconnected was marked as the answer   
    Skip the switch.
    If you need to isolate it I am sure you can work out how to do so from the panel end, with no modifications.
  6. sixwheeledbeast's post in Help With Cqr Protecta Bellbox was marked as the answer   
    Agreed Sterling 10 yuk.
    IIRC there's a Green and a Red on CQR boxes.
    The Green is H/O & Tamper the Red is Battery.
    Normal is 1 sec alternating.
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