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  1. It's brand new. I got called to check the system after they tried to replace the battery themselves and the smelt burning! Result 1 blown panel. Bought from Screwfix.
  2. Just came across a yuasa 2.3ah with the terminals opposed ( red terminal -ve , black terminal +) Can't understand how this could happen, any one else had this?
  3. Can any one put me on to an alarm for a metal container on a remote site. Problem is power, there is none apart from a generator fired up a couple of times a day, and its also left for up to 5 days without attendance. Network coverage is excellent, its the power issue thats important. Ta
  4. Just had my new van half wrapped. Notices some additional stanley knife cuts along the trimmings. Spoke to the fitters who admitted thats how its done, stick it on and trim after. Dosn't seem right adding some not so nice slits onto a new van, and it is through the paintwork. Anybody else had any dealing with this?
  5. My funniest one was one I didnt get. A well to do customer of mine for the last 20 odd years called me into his study after my maintenance visit, (they always get it done just before they go to Madeira for Christmas). I see a bottle of finest scotch whisky on the desk as he said, Do you like whisky? well I dont, but hey ho wasnt going to miss this opportunity to get my first christmas off the tight git! Yes I do says me, to which he replied So do i and as soon as you go Im going to crack open this fine malt and have a couple of drams. Ever felt like youve been led up the garden path.!!
  6. Been advised by risco tech they have a software issue, didnt elaborate. I was using bell box in active mode with a 490X and it was showing as Nova active F! . Was advised to put it back to SAB mode.
  7. These keypads can have their circuit boards cleaned an be like new. Contact a local installer of Risco equipment and arrange a service visit.
  8. Good cameras ,as long as they dont fall over after 13 months!
  9. Ive you have used the Novagard in active mode no cant connect anything else sounder wise to its outputs. You have to use a programmable output 1,2 or 3 for additional sounders.
  10. It will still be there, you cant delete that easy. Carry out as above instructions. If that fails call Installer presuming you didnt do it yourself.
  11. Double knock comes to mind.
  12. If you are only adding to a circuit it by way of extending it there must be a EOL in place already.
  13. Can you add a magic eye to a Sky HD box. Ive plugged it in to rf 2 out put no 5v and no led coming on at other TV. Do you have to do anything with your sky box to allow this and how? Wilks
  14. If you have jumpered out the wiring tamper then check the bell tamper and then keypad tamper by doing the same.
  15. Hi Rembrant, and welcome Wilks
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