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  1. If you haven't got BG default codes then there is no point in defaulting it, as it will go back to their codes and not DSC's defaults
  2. Just checking and good luck with the project From my point of view I don't like the idea of another company holding our data (not that I don't trust you james) I could give you a example of how this could go very wrong but its not the place or time
  3. Who's secure server would that be? And if its a online sever (eg access from the internet) would it be security tested to NSI/SSAIB and insurance companies standards
  4. Is that why you spoken to Kath then
  5. From the last upgrade of the forum software (I think)
  6. Its the standard "favicon" that comes with IPB Fourms http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Favicon
  7. EN50131: "Zone - assessed area where abnormal conditions may be detected" So it should be a 8 circuit alarm panel
  8. The panel will need to be flash upgraded, so unless you have the kit to do this then it maybe cheaper to replace the panel
  9. I would try a few different ones first, to make sure they do what you want them to do and you are happy with it before you part with your money.
  10. That name is a blast from the past (or I should say PAS )
  11. Ok here's my 10 bob's worth If it only happens at night then I would check for spiders first A can of fly killer, sprayed around the room normally dose the trick Another thought Because of the hot nights are there any fans runing or windows open?
  12. The battery is faulty in the main panel, you will need to power down the panel, (remove battery, the mains supply). Then power backup, mains first then New Battery. enter 0123. Close all tamper (replace lid on panel etc) press reset the panel should now go back to day mode, if not then will need to get someone (alarm company) to look at it. The basic card is the user manual!!! Regs jpaul
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