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  1. Think it was the lettering that was blue
  2. That'll be A&E security electronics, website Here Regards Bellman I thought they were white?
  3. I ripped a few out myself, I do agree, not one of the best panels out there I hoped you remembered to douse them in flamable substances (as well as all the **** 6's )and dance a mery jig around them singing Halleluiah. Regards Bellman
  4. Ah, so you agree with me the texecoms are low end. They are but there is better availible. The local ford dealer throws in free floor mats, you have to pay for them at the local BMW Garage As with most things in life, you get what you pay for... Well, considering Ash group bought Lander, who had the predicessor to the Big G (The Executive) made for them by a small new co called microtech well before ash group got involved then probably it'd still be in private hands and would have hopefully flourished. Regards Bellman
  5. I'm not going to go over old ground again, but as you say, it's unreliable, noisy (mains hum like an electric motorized wasp on speed) and in my opinion has an eyesore of a keypad. I had a hell of a time with them many many years ago and as with all "fingers burned" episodes that was me and the veritas finished. Try making extensive use of the search facility so kindly provided by Dave and all will become clear as to why i'm set in my opinion. Scantronic kit is good, the reason I recomended the premier was the easy to follow instructions. A Proper engineer would know how to wire a tamper loop or a powered detector to a panel so wouldn't need the same type of instructions as provided with the texecom stuff. I've already made my recomondation BTW, for DIY fit a premier. any electrical wholesaler or market stall (I kid you not, the local market has them for sale) will supply you one and most of the accessories are also available and the price is cheap, you can buy a complete premier system with all the accessories FITTED for less money than you could buy a galaxy panel on it's own for. Most people will have absolutely no use for most of the advanced functions the galaxy provides though so from a functionality point of view there is no difference in them buying a premier or a galaxy, Myself, I have an all singing and dancing galaxy 504 installed. but there again, I'm a professional alarm engineer so know how to both wire and program it to make best use of it's facilities and functions. Regards Bellman
  6. I didn't say it wasn't, I said it's Distribution made it DIY, not it's construction. Same person wrote both manuals..... Regards Bellman
  7. Rubbish, both are availible to DIY and virtually ALL DIY alarm sites I see sell them. I know several pro companies that won't touch them because of this. I'm not saying they are a bad panel (thats reserved for the veritas) but DIY definately. You only have to look in the engineering manual to work this out, Peter and Jane diagrams for everything Regards Bellman
  8. They are usually open but I do believe they close at 1 on bank hols. Regards Bellman
  9. They tend to have DIY panels like the veritas and the premier in stock as well as a large range of other equipment. give them a ring 0114 258 0238 and check. Regards Bellman
  10. Look at the oddesy 3 from texecom, most electrical wholesalers sell them. What part of sheffield are you in? Try sharrow electrical on sharrowvale road. Regards Bellman (also in sheffield)
  11. *QFA* The panel can be reset to it's factory defaults quite simply. you need an engineer familiar with this panel. Regards Bellman
  12. Cheeky Anyway, It's better if you rub it well in Bri Anyway, moving swiftly on........ Regards Bellman
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