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  1. As mentioned measure the systems current especially in an alarm condition. Also check the address pot on the rio that it is definitely clicked onto the number you require.
  2. I was going to say something similar to Nova. AMG Systems have made 485 over fibre converters for the Galaxy in the past. If its in another building might be worth seeing if they have any spare fibre cores of the buildings are linked via fibre.
  3. Sounds daft but have you let the system set with the circuit omitted, Then unset it?
  4. Most of it is still running trouble free to be honest. They will most definitely upgrade when the time comes. When it's being used in so many stores and with each store having half a dozen or more units, it usually takes time for people to find an equivalent they're happy to roll out.
  5. Plenty still out there in the field, we have a national contract where most individual sites have about 6-8 Units still used with a couple of Keyboards. I always found them pretty straight forward to work on.
  6. We usually use the M12's and have not had any issues. I also have had them at home for about 3.5 years and have been trouble free. They are also one of the better looking detectors too in my opinion.
  7. Not bad, plus they've been reduced in the Tesco near me.
  8. Welcome dave, Hows the Blue triangle treating you?
  9. We used to do this on a National companies stores main entrance shutter. When system was set the shutter controls didn't work. System was Armed & Disarmed external via Max reader.
  10. As mentioned, main points for me would be the noise from the NVR's fans and the height of the cameras. Height also for the IR range as I assume they'll be anti vandal domes. The range won't be much good by the time it reaches the floor. A metre or two lower can work wonders.
  11. Was going to say the same as Jim, Looks like a Ganz
  12. Hi Juan, I've found the outputs function on the app to be useless. Honeywell did update the app a little while ago which i was hoping would clear the "Panel Firmware upgrade required" message. I get this message even though my firmware is well within what they require as a minimum. Although the Virtual Keypad works no problems at all so you could always control outputs from engineer mode or configure a link to a user code or A-B buttons.
  13. Hi 

    southernBrad, looking for good long range perimeter detection, maybe beams or fibre optic sensing cable. Optic do seem to have good curtain pir n software to minimise the false alarms but I've not much experience of the high end detectors 

    Always room for a second person on the job?? As you are local ...if u are not busy at the mo.

    1. SouthernBrad


      Hi josh,

      Iv'e used Optex in the past with good results. The Redscans and Fibre sense products seemed to work very well.

      What company are you working for or are you self employed? Not many places down our way that i know of that want things like that.



  14. Hi Josh and Welcome. We are both in the same area, you'll be fine with PIDS.
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