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  1. Done it, can see it in the app, but what do I program it as ? Only want to use it via the App to turn things on and off.....
  2. For a start, yes, then see if the panel can do some automatic stuff...
  3. Hi Brad, thanks for replying. I was hoping to do some interfacing with other things around the house. Spoke to Tech support and they told me it needed the latest firmware upgrade, but ar the time I was at work and not in the house. Will try some time next week and see how it goes. Out of curiosity, what do you need to programme the output as ?
  4. HI, I wonder if anybody knows how to configure a Galaxy Flex Panel so I can operate the Outputs via the GX App ? I wonder if I can interface with central heating.. Thanks, Juan
  5. Hi, hope you have sorted it ok. I found that every time I down powered the Router my WAN changed as we all have Dinamic IP addresses and had to change it in the settings, now I have my router fed via a 12v PSU so hopefully it should stay the same. I am interested in knowing how do you configure outputs to operate them via the App. Thanks, Juan
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