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  1. Hey GlendaleEngineer, I’ve had the company out who investigated and were unsure themselves. Having phoned Risco Technical, they advised to just replace the sensor. Apparently their tolerance for instances are to not even mess about as they have had ones returned, spent a fair amount of time trying to diagnose and not found anything. This particular sensor was the closest one to the main unit and was on a test running at 89% strength. So its not even as though it had a weak signal constantly trying to try and being a Shock Sensor should be in sleep mode most of the time.
  2. So have I been mis sold on Risco products too ? Reviews i’ve seen and the majority of my experience of it so far have been good. So what would be comparable functionally inna good brand that you guys recommend ?
  3. Number one, I don’t have an app as I don’t have that module installed. Number two I don’t get 24 hour support. (not included within that £13 a month anyway) Number three, I am not paying for somebody else’s training and the little life‘s luxuries as you so eloquently put it. I have paid for a working alarm that has been installed for less than 12 months, and I am certainly not paying £13 a month on top of a call out charge on top of the price for replacement parts as well as labour time whilst they are there. Makes it more difficult for me to get employed elsewhere In my game,
  4. No, I refuse to pay somebody £13 a month for simply replacing a battery. I dont see what else is covered in Alarm Maintenance that warrants that fee, especially if its a dodgy sensor, in which case if its less than 12mths old, it would need replacing anyway. As far as I could tell, £13 a month gave me an annual checkup including battery replacements which I would have been charged for (per battery) Can any other installer give me a rundown as to what else is done as part of the annual maintenance ? What else is rought when you are given these NSI, NACOSS or SSAIB accreditations
  5. Whats an **** to work with ? Risco, the Agility 3 or the Wireless sensors ?
  6. Hey All, Just thought i’d join and see if anybody can offer me some advice. I have a Risco Agility 3 with GSM Module for text message alerts. On installation I opted not to pay the monthly £13 fee for Alarm Maintenence as all it is really is battery replacements. All has been going well until recently when I had to replace a wireless shock sensor which is the closest to the main pcu board but also runs out of battery power after 2-3 months (they are lithium batteries and should last well over a year) The second issue is a wireless mag contact which also needed battery
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