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  1. Seems you're never alone with a clone.

    1. staller


      Yep,but clone makes people never be unique.

  2. I'd be more concerned about the firmware
  3. You have verifiable evidence and proof they don't work?
  4. Halma, her from coronation St?
  5. So why not send them a letter/email outlining the issues and your concerns.Perhaps that way you show your loyalty to them and are sure of a response. Far better than airing your gripe out to the t'interweb and trying to claim the moral high ground.
  6. Has better firmware though
  7. Not hard to guess who you work for. And perhaps if you were more active you could have answered sooner?
  8. Are you for real?As I said previously, what's with the lectures? So as your clearly the expert in these matters, perhaps you'd care to explain how your risk assessment would help the next guy.
  9. Ooh look ↑ An oxymoron
  10. Says he sat in 1st class
  11. You're getting brave.
  12. Let's just say he's still alive.
  13. Last seen on the Pepsi Max... Or whatever that big **** off ride is called
  14. the front row's almost full
  15. Aren't we yor friends?