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  1. Somone got outta bed the wrong side! or is this normal? Thanks to everyone who offered genuine advice...
  2. Very hard to source panel and accessories for this so its off my list.
  3. Not fussed with the programming. As long as i have the installers manual, then i should be fine. I'm in IT and generally tech savvy. List whittled down to Pyronix Enforcer Visonic PowerMaster Texecom Richochet Galaxy G2
  4. So we are looking at before end of the year 2014? Any public links to what was displayed of the new panel at IFSEC?
  5. Obviously you guys are used to big budget system installs. Mines will be a drop in the ocean by comparison! Ideally looking for reliability and best bang for buck. All i see on the forums is pyronix. Seems to be very popular. Is this cause its cheap or because its a decent product? So looking at the 2 way wireless systems, If i remove remote cam capability and some of the higher end of the budget systems , then i am left with Pyronix Enforcer Visonic PowerMaster Texecom Richochet Scantronic I-ON16 Galaxy G2
  6. sorry for hijacking thread, but How does the Pyronix Enforcer compare to say a visonic Powermax or Powermaster panel? And the new pyronix app, what pyronix panel will it be compatible with and would you need arc monitoring to use it?
  7. Visonic Powermax Pro panel adequate (1 way wireless) or should i really be going for the powermaster ( 2 way system ) ?
  8. What price bracket is the videofied equipment coming in at? My budget is approx £650 +-£200 so i'm at the cheaper end of the market. Although could up the budget if something ticks all the boxes. Ideally i am looking for 4 PIR's (maybe dual tec) 3 Door Detector 1 Front Door Keypad with Prox Control Ability to contact my mobile by phone/text (without having to be connected to an ARC) If above contact fails, then a fall back to GSM. Anyone read anything about the Canary system that is about to launch in the states??
  9. I have IP cameras set up on a server already, so not important to have ability to connect via the alarm system. And it was purely for alarm verification as a cross check to avoid false alarms. visonic Powermaster has cam/pir units at around £50 per unit. However costs mount up when you add in powerlink and gsm modules to the visonic.
  10. Installing an alarm system in my house and need a wireless system. Looking for a Panel that is wireless and 2-way. Needs to have capability to alert via GSM and over IP Able to integrate IP Cameras into the system (have this setup independently so not fussed if not able to integrate to the alarm) Viewable events over internet, with ability to arm/disarm remotely. Prox Tag compatible with nice looking keypad Happy to have the bell box mains fed, but rest of system needs to be wireless (apart from main panel) Panels i have been considering are Visonic PowerMaster (or the 1 way powermax pro) Other Panels ive been told to look at (not sure if they meet my requirements or if available to non trade) -------------------- pyronix enforcer Texecom Premier Elite Richochet TEXECOM VERITAS R8+ PLUS WITH LED KEYPAD Scantronic I-ON16 kit scantronic 9651 Honeywell Galaxy Risco Agility/Gardtec
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