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  1. Hi, Going to be doing a full alarm install for a farm, now I've noticed that the the Barnes will need some form of protection, my first instinct is to use door contacts to prevent false alarms. The only problem I'm having is to find a door contact with an IP rating that will prevent corrosion or any build up of dust etc. I was thinking I could maybe find some sort of cover to make a cheaper door contact Ip rated, or apply a silicone sealant around it? Anybody got any ideas? Matt
  2. just looking at the manual see it now 51.13, select mode as 2, and audible panic as 1 lads never new that can mimic fire, panic and assistance through the remote keypad, clever stuff
  3. Hi, Just trying to use the panic function for the TCB800M-1 keyfob with the galaxy 2 after three seconds the LED's flash then nothing happens, I tried this while the system was unset!. The keyfob will set, unset part set and night set, I also assigned it through the user option, and under the master user Any advice would be great!
  4. its just im sure i set the exit time already at 30 ok nice1 and yeh i know but its just he was a window next to his door, so if anything they'd probs try the window as thats what they did b4
  5. The exit route users a pir, as thats what the client wanted, all i want it to do is give them 30 seconds to leave once on full set, and then 30 secs to unset the system when the enter through that way. Could it be something to do with the exit terms option?
  6. HI Just reticently installed a galaxy g2-20 with an RF module and 3 wirefree detectors. I've but one as final with 30 seconds exit and entry time and the other two are set to intruder. Also paired the detectors up with the panel using the force tamper method. Now when setting the system in full set the bar just stays to the right and theres no count down at all, could there be any reason for this just i've done two systems the same and never come across this before?, all i get is a constant beep and the system will now set, however if i try part setting the system I get a count
  7. for the reply tried that and it worked, guy insisted that he only wanted three screws so guess that was the problem will have to tell him another screw will be needed this time next to the tamper spring lol and yeh i managed to work it out myself cause ones the negative tamper return normally closed and the others the negative supply so put the 2 together and you mimic the normally closed circuit!
  8. Hi just connected a texicom veritas to a honeywell ag6 bellbox. Powered the panel up and noticed its now gone back to factory default. Not only this when testing the sounder outputs theres no bell output or strobe output. Also the tamper light is permanently on. Connections to the panel from the sounder were as below. C = TR- D = V- S = ST- A = V+ B = S-
  9. Dont suppose anybody knows the approximate cost's do they just having a look on the NSI website now but can't seem to find anything that gives a direct answer?
  10. Great sorry if I confused you but I understand now that it maybe the best way to go if I start to work towards that!
  11. I know sixwheeledbeast Im just looking for advise on how the process works what I need to do to get that ball rolling, I guess it'll probably take a few years of ongoing assesments of work, and doing CPD's and attending courses even maybe?
  12. so basically I need to get my nsi certification in order to provide a full grade 2 system!, I have already been working inline with the BS7671 in terms of cable routing and containment of cabling, and also in line with EN50131 in terms of the alarm designs, and equipment used!. Not only this I keep my own specifications, commissioning records etc and have a full jobs list and document control system in place!, how long would I need to do this over in order to become certified? I also fill out all the required standard sheets as to NSI, and produce my own cable schedules, and in some cases
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