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  1. Isnt first choice run by mark frodsham?'

  2. Ahh. Doesn't that really piss on your bonfire after such investment?
  3. Can you do a test for us but using acid this time?
  4. Upgrade from turncoat I suppose. His vm is hillarious. It goes thank you for calling xxxx. I can't take your call so leave me a message and I'll call you back when it's convenient
  5. The advantages of cloud are immense, especially on the cost point of view with only one major drawback. All yours and your clients data is being stored in a place you don't know, you don't control and accessible by any of their employees in a country you have no idea. This is one of the main reasons we won't adopt cloud.
  6. The hassle of workarounds to run the software I want to run and the lack of full integration to windows server system
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