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  1. We are looking for engineers. Great team, long standing company with lots to offer.  Please pm me for more information
  2. Couger

    ADE Karizma Replacement?

    Which way shall i take it ?
  3. Couger

    ADE Karizma Replacement?

    Course https://www.pyronix.co.uk/products-and-solutions/euro-162-msx-280-card
  4. Couger

    ADE Karizma Replacement?

    Use the Euro 162 James
  5. Couger

    ADE Karizma Replacement?

    We fit castle / pyronix euro's in place of any id systems we pull out not a bad panel can do eol or id
  6. Couger

    Scantronic 9751 Exp 01 Tamper

    I am offeing you my help ive advised to get a pro in its as James said a expander issue and out your remit system needs someone who knows what they are doing
  7. Couger

    Scantronic 9751 Exp 01 Tamper

    Being honest approaching a approved company to put this right may br the best option putting money aside his property and possesions are better protected if its correctly repaired, do the right thing
  8. Couger

    Scantronic 9751 Exp 01 Tamper

    Any company branding by keypad or on outside bell box ?
  9. Couger


  10. Couger


  11. Couger

    Hello To All

    Evening what seems to be the trouble
  12. Couger

    Don't You Just Love Install

    lol take guts out and mount onto it's a deep base lmao
  13. Couger

    Hi Fellow Engineers

    Welcome from sunny cornwall
  14. Couger

    New To The Forum


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