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Pyronix Enforcer + Euro Zem8 advice please.


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Hi - hoping for a bit of help, as I am worried I may have bitten off a bit more than I can chew!


I currently have an old Pyronix Euro46 box (v6 - about 13 years old) - with 1 x wired keypad, 1 x wired door sensor, 4 x wired PIRs, 1 x wired bell.   I want to upgrade the panel - and for budget reasons was hoping to do it myself, as I’m usually a fairly competent DIY’er.

I have bought a Pyronix Enforcer V11 + Expander ZEM8 and have been working through the wiring diagrams to make sure I understand everything.  My current system wiring is pictured. 

I think I understand most of it, but wanted to see if anybody could give me a steer on a couple of points.


  • Expander - pretty straightforward. D1-, D2+, D3 and D4 all get connected directly to the I/O board on the V11.
  • Wired keypad - I think simple also - gets connected to the Bus Output - D1-, D2+, D3 and D4 on the Expander.
  • Wired Bell - looks straightforward - wire to STRB, BELL, Z1, 12V+ and 0V. (It looks to me like I don’t have a tamper circuit on the bell here?)
  • PIR’s - these each seem to have 4 wires on my system - I can see that the red and black go to the 0V and 12V on the Expander.  Then I think the blue wires go to the T - Com for the relevant input on the Expander and the yellow wires go to the A - Input for the relevant input on the Expander (I haven’t got round to checking inside the PIRs to see if resistors have been put in place for the tamper - from what I can see of the wiring this looks like DEOL??)
  • 1 x door sensor - I think that wiring would be installed the same way as the PIRs.


Would be extremely grateful for any help.

I’m absolutely aware that once these are in, I need to program the settings of the Enforcer - but that’s my next challenge!


Still hoping that I can manage to work through this myself - as my missus will be furious if I need to call somebody in to do it - but hey ho, will see where I get to!

Thanks in advance.



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A zone is used for the tamper on the bell


So what do you need help with




Why would she furious ? Upgrade security a good thing , and if you can't get it to work , a professional helping you is good investment 

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Probably best to leave the existing one in if it's all working and servicable.

Ripping something out and not knowing how to replace it seems a daft idea.

So many things could go wrong and you'd be left with an non-working system plus annoying the neighbours outside with the bell ringing and no way to isolate it.

You explain everything you believe you understand but not much on what you need help with.


If you are going to try this yourself then setting up the new system separately (bench test) would be the way to go.

Make sure all the programming for panel and sensors is correct, simulate all your sensors with loops of wire or resistors, testing outputs with a multimeter.

Get everything right before you start, DIY often spend months asking questions on why x and y isn't working, it's a security system after all, as much use as a chocolate fireguard if setup wrong.

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