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Looking at upgrading work laptop, I currently have a bulky dell running xp.

Want to go small, but in people's opinions based on your own experiences, will I miss the optical drive?

Laptop will be used for site visits too, so will be running panel software etc, but will be mainly used for doing my daily work from other locations.

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Don't think I've needed the optical drive on mine for over a year.

I do have a USB superdive which I could use if I had to tho.

Been looking at this but not sure what it would be like, would only be for occasion use for fire panels etc.


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Quick search for external use drives, only roughly £20 so that's a good option.

I have a windows tablet which was destined for work but I use that for home now.

£20 ain't bad..

I've started to find some manufacturers give you a link to download the software rather than having it on a CD.

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I tried a netbook for work a while back,

Maybe I'm old fashion but proper keyboard with no. pad & proper sized display is much easier

Currently have a l540 thinkpad, its will do a morning off the battery ect... which is much better than my other ones

Mr😀 Veritas God

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With software and manuals coming on CD's more now, I wouldn't want to be carrying a separate USB Drive around myself.

Still happy with my "bulky" dell.

Compared to most other laptops these days the old dells are like garden slabs.

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the toughbooks are good they do a cf-72 ( with a cd drive built in ) which is bigger and tougher then a normal laptop also has a serial port built in.

The cf-18 has been retired but there is cf-19 out there.


The only trouble i can see with toughbooks if you drop it on a tiled floor you are going to break the tile before the laptop :-

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I can't remember the last time I used the cd drive on any of my laptops


Too right, 5 days before the deadline on returning my old one for an upgrade, thought I'd better try the DVD which I hadn't used

in about 2 years. Oh fook... It was buggered.


Managed to get a replacement from ebay last minute. Worth it as replacement laptop is free as long as old one gets back working 100%.

So, I've decided to take my work back underground.... to stop it falling into the wrong hands


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It's a very nice drive. Usual mod cons, including Bluetooth.

Mine is the S model so doesn't have electric rear windows and led running lights (amongst other things), have to upgrade to SE or FR for those perks.

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