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  1. Any one local to Newark or within 30 minutes of it and looking for a change of scenary, please drop me a PM. We have an engineering opportunity within the company. Cheers.
  2. old version used to take you straight to the point where the posts were unread, you have to scroll from the top on this one and find where you left of?
  3. it's never been a stumbling block for me before - if it's ever been discussed, most clients are okay with it on the basis that we are then solely responsible for one of the most important parts of the system. they make sure we have a phone line or LAN for the back up and everything else is down to us.
  4. Intruder and CCTV mainly at the minute, but NSI gold for all disciplines and BAFE.
  5. I am based in Newark. Post a couple more times and then PM me your details.
  6. 9853 used to be our straight 9800 swap, same PCB mounting points etc and similar terminal positions. Mostly it's the 9651 now.
  7. Funny you should mention that.........
  8. Two of our 9800 estate have gone down this week with NVM fail - not bad going seeing as they've been installed since it came out.
  9. That's a good point actually and sorry to hijack. Have you installed wifi cameras, with NVR before? This would work well on a project I am looking at.
  10. mine provides his own sundries as part of his rate
  11. I've always wondered who you guys contacted for me because no body took the piss at work lol
  12. Peter, query from customer.... "Do the fobs use a static or dynamic token?" I assume the answer is static as there is a preprogrammed ID that remains the same each time you present it? Or have I got the wrong end of the stick?
  13. what are the standard net2 readers? i only use p50 or the bigger ones
  14. I only know by fluke. Accidentally programmed a switch2 fob. Peters fobs work with Net2 too by the way, if you buy from him.
  15. switch2 works with Net2, just not the other way around
  16. Yep P50 readers. I tried it and it works. Use my blue fob to get through the net2 door and then unset the alarm.
  17. If it helps, Peters fobs that work with Scantronic/Menvier/Galaxy, work with Paxton.
  18. Yep, see loads of subbies with ADT ladders
  19. ahh, bit of wood in the way there. I have rounded off my fair share of terminal screwdrivers while cutting a little channel into the ceiling, slotting the cable in and filling in...
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