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Dual Technology (Glass Break)


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Guy got done many years ago for wiring the grilles inside his windows to the mains, killed the guy that broke in.


I remember in the days of ram-raiding, early 90s, on the local TV news there was an interview with an elderly shop owner who was more than happy to be pictured turning on the mains to bare steel wire strung across his shop before he locked up every night. The reporter reminded him what he was doing was illegal ('and we'd like to point out that the BBC do not approve or condone this mans actions') but it was never followed up.


Oh and more OT, in reply to Joe I do remember a combined breakglass and PIR unit years ago but that just looks like (as the kids would say) 'an epic fail' on the behalf of the examiner.

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So, I've decided to take my work back underground.... to stop it falling into the wrong hands


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