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  1. With my Blackberry, make a folder then copy and paste. Or email if its a new one and am in the office. Or pull the SD card and plug into the lappy.
  2. Or the panel developed a fault, drained the battery and reverse charged. Why asking about a rattle. But I`d go with being started in the factory reversed. It would work, but the plates are not designed to work that way and it would go bang eventually.
  3. Oxo


    He was a star also
  4. Oxo


    Top Cat was class.
  5. Oxo


    Totally agree. They put speech and the English Language back a decade for some idiots.
  6. Oxo


    80`s I was working. Not watching cartoons 90`s my sons were into Teletubbies, I really hated that programme.
  7. Oxo


    LOL Got it in one!
  8. Oxo


    I have the powerrrrrrrrrrrrr
  9. One post ROFL I know who it was, so does JW.
  10. Thanks for the edit. Was I right then? Must have been Two warning points in two days. I``ll have to issue threats, that seems to be okay.
  11. Thats Thats it 111111 code one sec The keypad being old you nugget Book of Destruction Storm.pdf
  12. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo I forget. Old fooker
  13. My error. Found the thread.
  14. Seems another dislikes this same advise. Some posts missing too, MODS??
  15. Sorry if I sounded a bit negative there Steve. The notifications will continue I am afraid unless you get the engineers code. Try asking the on call engineer to sort this they have a duty to attend. Depending on the fault and its cause it may not be chargeable.
  16. We cannot tell you how to disable your system. It will as you know keep telling you it isn`t well. Sorry to sound so negative here but we do actually have rules here about this subject. You can try and disable the system yourself of course. Be AWARE there is MAINS voltages present and you can suffer serious injury and or death from not understanding or knowing what you are doing.
  17. Many ( As mentioned) Yammies have been found to break down 3 miles from a track ( Day). Seems a lot cannot handle a R1 very well!! To be fair I rode a R6 (R1 = 1000cc R6 =600 cc) and the "6" is mental. Not yet ridden a R1 with any room to use its potential. My top speed on a bike is now *67 ish. So within the speed limit!!
  18. Not really. Nope, you are not even close.
  19. You`re actually quite funny. Did you escape????
  20. "The Machine" is not going to win the race. Let alone the bout
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