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  1. With my Blackberry, make a folder then copy and paste. Or email if its a new one and am in the office. Or pull the SD card and plug into the lappy.
  2. Or the panel developed a fault, drained the battery and reverse charged. Why asking about a rattle. But I`d go with being started in the factory reversed. It would work, but the plates are not designed to work that way and it would go bang eventually.
  3. Oxo


    He was a star also
  4. Oxo


    Top Cat was class.
  5. Oxo


    Totally agree. They put speech and the English Language back a decade for some idiots.
  6. Oxo


    80`s I was working. Not watching cartoons 90`s my sons were into Teletubbies, I really hated that programme.
  7. Oxo


    LOL Got it in one!
  8. Oxo


    I have the powerrrrrrrrrrrrr
  9. One post ROFL I know who it was, so does JW.
  10. Thanks for the edit. Was I right then? Must have been Two warning points in two days. I``ll have to issue threats, that seems to be okay.
  11. Thats Thats it 111111 code one sec The keypad being old you nugget Book of Destruction Storm.pdf
  12. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo I forget. Old fooker
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