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  1. Thanks for the tip Nova-Security.. Like the OP I have plentry of experience but not the recognised qualifications, but I applied for the ECS Card last week, using the website, giving them my job description and it's here already. Invaluable site this..... Boys
  2. Checked the switch range - all ok, but now sorted with a Firmware Update.... Very interesting that 2 cameras that were working well, went wrong on the same day...
  3. It does appear to be some sort of conflict... When not connected to router, seems to be more stable and doesnt want to reboot.. I should have explained the cameras mentioned were on a separate site 8 miles away
  4. Tried defaulting the new camera and one of the original cameras and the issue is still occuring...?
  5. Anybody else suffering with Dahua IP Cameras rebooting very repeatedly...? Currently trying to configure one for a Job, and noticed repeated rebooting. Initially replaced the PSU, then tried POE but still occuring... Checked 2 other cameras that have been working well for many months and noticed both started a similar pattern this morning.. Logs show Abort, Startup then Hot Swap...in that order. My initial thought was a dodgy SD Card, but not all have Edge recording Bit confused as to whats going on and what has caused it to occu
  6. I use the XXL-F for handtools and the OT-XL for the drills..
  7. http://www.vetopropac.com/ Far from cheap but come with a 5 year warranty.. Find them on Fleabay or some online toolshops - http://www.tool-shop.co.uk/Tool+Bags.htm
  8. Veto Pro Pac bag....bit heavy when full though (not my piccy).
  9. Try a combination of 0, 2 & 4 - looking at the state of the keypad...?
  10. Whats to cost after the first year?
  11. Quoted for a Wireless job today.... Customer baulked at my price... "Err, I was looking for a system £3-400..." Yale kit again.... Why does he drive a new Disco.. when a Dacia will do? Kids could go to local Comp..not private School eh? I don't and never will fit diy tat.. Whinge over - feeling better now..lol
  12. The CIE faults weve had have all been mains related.... a WPD van drove past shortly after the lastest one..
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