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  1. Im guessing that its a Texicom panel which requires the connections as per image.
  2. I do of course have Training certs from PAXTON, Janus, BPT, FAAC UK + IPAF (all modules) Working at heights, Aspestos Class A and I did have ESC but it expired. And have provable Contracting for to most Companies - ADT, Chub, Axis, Amberstone, Digi Security etc (currently I suby through CSR Europe). Didnt think these counted, Rang about the ECS and was told "I have to be Directly employed or sponsored by an Alarm Company, and that I have to be NVQ Qualified). Thanks everyone for their replies by the way.
  3. So, I have been in the industry for best part of thirty years as a multi disciplined Engineer (Oh apparently we are not called engineers anymore). Originally holding an ECS certificate, on renewal I was informed that I cannot have that anymore as I don’t have official qualifications and I am not directly employed (sub contractor) so did CSCS instead. Now I can’t get CSCS either because now our industry comes under ECS. At the ripe age of 62 it’s simply not practical to do NVQ because of cost and time. So as of April 2019 when my CSCS card runs out, I'm basically *********
  4. The RIO should be on BELDEN (Shielded) cable not 6 core.
  5. Hi, wondered if your still looking for people, I am based in Winchester Hampshire but mobile. I have worked in the industry for 20 years, have exp with most intr, access, CCTV and gate automation systems. I have Training Certs from PAXTON and JANUS net2. Regards Mervyn
  6. Hi are you still looking for engineers? I have been contracting for a few years and would be interested in short / long term work. I have I am exp with Intruder, CCTV, Access Control and Gate Automation. I have installer certs fom PAXTON net2 and Janus net2. I have worked on most kit inc- Galaxy, Castle, Gardtec ect. BPT,, FAAC RSI and the usual. I am mobile and will consider all locals. Regards Mervyn
  7. Hampshire Based Engineer looking for contract work. Many years exp in the installation of Intruder alarm, CCTV, access control and gate automation. I am willing to travel to all areas, UK and EU.
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