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  1. Yeah as Peter said Android tab would be the way forward no price comparison with an ipad which would prob be overkill for an 'old dear' - kindle app is free and buying books is almost too easy.
  2. No - i don't know .net but guess i could look at learning it when i have time (LOL) was thinking php for that particular project but if i can get a connection working then i should be able to use it with some modules for our voip system without any/much extra coding. I will have a read up on the machine data sources and how to use them so thanks for that. Seems like it might get kiboshed though as i'm pretty sure PC Data won't want me 'stepping on their toes'
  3. Its Advantage (Sybase) - i can get a hold of an ODBC driver, i just don't know how to use it once i get it.
  4. Does anyone know how to create an ODBC connection to Alarm Master's Advantage Local Server database. I can connect to the database using advantage data architect and export a table to mysql but i don't know how to go about creating an ODBC connection so that i can query our Alarm Master data straight from the database rather than having to 1st convert to mysql. If anyone has any experience please let me know and i'd happy to share details of how we would be using this hopefully to create google maps that will show clients with services within due date / outstanding or pending jobs in the surrounding area from an engineers location amongst other project ideas.
  5. not part set or bedroom - i wanted the led's off permanently to test what effect it had on the battery life
  6. ...he'll have to jump to reach. yeah i was wondering if you could have them off even when the system was armed and i heard it might be possible.
  7. Does anyone know if you can disable/turn off the activity led on the Pyronix wireless PIR ref KX12DQ-WE? And before any clever answers it still needs to work and no i dont want to stick tape or anything else over the led!
  8. That was my initial opinion but they've been a bit better recently if we keep pushing them to fix/solve something. I've found a lot of things you have to learn by yourself as the manual is more than half empty and things jus get added on new versionswithout any documentation. Anything particular your not getting help with?
  9. Ah ok i see - you keep the spec (system design proposal) seperate to the quote/contract. Thanks for sharing these - always interesting to see how other people use AM.
  10. Yeah agreed ReportBuilder can be a nightmare. Do you have to edit the word quotes once they are produced by AM or are they pretty much good to go using your template?
  11. HI RFS, We use alarm master as well but use the default quote with a seperate cover page as we found getting the circuit headers, descriptions and locations (mainly for intruder quotes) difficult to display how we wanted. Did you design/create the quote yourself or get assistance from pcdata?
  12. Hi Peter, Yeah just following Jeff around at IFSEC last year trying to see what i'd let myself in for.
  13. Are you getting signed contracts back by email or do you post out paper copies for the client to sign and return after they accept your emailed quotation and T&C's?
  14. are you sat in our office? Yeah the 'gxp2100' found them a lot easier to setup and customise than the previous cisco units, the sound quality is way better and you don't have to press a zillion buttons for simple things like transferring a call. The next headache is to figure out free sms messaging - seems simple for americans but not so much in the uk.
  15. A headache from open source telephony would be more like it! Finally got our hands on reasonably priced ip phones that can support the busy lights as per our old pots system and so far so good. I've got to think a lot of companies will be moving this way with the cost savings and it means i don't get grief for forgetting to switch off the engineer divert in the mornings anymore!!
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