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Found 12 results

  1. Hi all, I was wondering if someone could help me. I have a Visonic PowerMaster 33 G2 alarm system installed at home without any expander. I also have Elmdene 7422-G3F external siren (ADT branded). I would like to use it with my alarm system. I have two questions: - What expander would I have to buy for my alarm - How do I wire the external siren to my alarm system I attached a photo of the siren. Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. Hello Everyone, I have recently bought a house and I have already PowerMaster10 ADT security alarm installed but I have no installer (or master installer?) codes for it to change code for arming and disarming alarm. I tried reset it according to instruction found on the internet but it didn't work. Any chance to reuse it or it is junk now?
  3. Hi all, First post on here, so go easy on me!!! I have a rented property that has a ADT alarm fitted ( Not connected to ADT ). The tenants phoned me today and said that the buzzer was going off in the keypad. I have them the code to reset it and it stopped. I have just been round to the property and it is showing a solid alarm signal and a number 3. The keypad by the front door is a Acoord XPC. After doing some searching for the manual online ( some how lost the original manual in different house moves) it says that the solid alarm sign is a Zonal Tamper alarm for Zone 3. I asked the tenant have they done any work around the door sensors or PIR's around the house and they said they haven't. I take it I just need to go back round there and find where Zone 3 is and go from there? What sort of things should I be looking for ? Many thanks in advance.
  4. We moved into our house about 6 years ago and there was an ADT alarm fitted. We chose not to continue using them, mainly as the salesman was so sleazy it put us off. The alarm has mostly been working fine since then, but now it has started going off randomly. I contacted the local alarm and lock company in the high street, but they said they couldn't do anything unless the alarm had been engineer unlocked. I contacted ADT about getting this done and they said I would have to pay £250 for them to unlock it (which seems extortionate and I am reluctant to do). Can anyone give me advice on what my potential next steps could be? Is there anyway to unlock it without paying ADT? (I know you can't give out engineer codes over the internet, for obvious reasons. But is it considered okay to pay a non-ADT person to come and unlock the alarm?) Is it feasible to rip out the old alarm without unlocking it and just installing a new one? Is that very expensive to do? Would I have to do that myself or could I pay someone to do that even if it isn't unlocked? Any help gratefully appreciated, or even just pointers on better places to look for answers. Thanks Ed
  5. Hello everyone, I am an intruder alarm installer based in Leeds. Just wanted to say hello and hope to get involved with topics! Eric.
  6. From the album: Bell Box

    No idea of its age, but it's old. The Scantronic Eurobell that is found in the hexagonal Modern Alarms and re branded ADT bell boxes.
  7. I have two ADT Boxes with sounders / leds etc that I intend to fit to my house. Couldnt be 100% sure if its the 7422-en or 7422 as Im not currently with them. What backup battery would be suitable in both size and capacity to fit inside the unit. Im even assuming it has one that is. Ive installed a Galaxy in my old house but used different sounders outside. Thanks,
  8. Hey guys, Have you seen the new ADT logo? I know its hard to believe, as it's not even on their website yet (makes sense I suppose) but there are already a couple of customers who have removed their 'new' boxes and put them on ebay, typical I suppose these days! Have a look here; http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/261039398328 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/370620182171 Can't wait to get my hands on one!
  9. Hello! The alarm that we have inherited comes up with a +BAT MIS 0001 error code, which won't let us set the alarm. All worked fine for the last 3 years, I've recently replaced the batteries on each of the 4 wireless points after one of them had died. The info I've managed to get on this is as follows: --- CPO38 Honeywell Grade 3 Class II -- Galaxy 2-12 Version 1.44 -- ADT ED8 - 7300 PC+ABSFR Hope someone could tell me what the error code means (tried googling without luck)... I've seen some posts refer to the 12V battery, which I assume is the block on the wall opposite the keypad, could it be that it is on its way? Many Thanks!
  10. Does anyone know if adt are not doing very well I have been told they have lost a lot off contracts this year. I have got a friend who is thinking off going to work for them but last year they got shut off a lot of engineers so I said I would see iff I can find out any info for him
  11. Hi I have an Accenta G4 panel connected up to the yellow ADT bellbox, system is about 9 months old and has works perfectly up to now. Now find that the bellbox does not sound or strobe even when testing through the alrm test feature on the panel. No wiring has been changed since first install. Any ideas what the problem could be??? Any expert advice would be very appreciated. Thankyou Steve
  12. hi i have a adt alarm not sure about the model, but the alarm has gone off because the mrs came through the back door so it now says intruder kitchen on the control panel, its telling me to call and quote code 20321, and as i am not a customer with adt i have to pay something along the lines of £90 or become a memeber again. can anyone please help? i have uploaded photos of what the message i am recieving
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