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  1. Famous well spotted my spelling is utter **** as you shall point out in many of my upcoming posts
  2. Just like to say hello to everyone Am mike been in the security game for 5 years i fit mainly cctv transmission systems ie adpro fast trace and vista smart discs going back to arc`s fit sum galaxy pannels and also lots of access control and also biometrics data and the odd spur or 2 so if anybody needs any help on the above please feel free to contact me i will be glad to help
  3. bosch mate got the makita 24 volt lxt aswell just posted sum pics of my kit like to use that as it also has a hammer chisel action great for wall chasing for keypad and bell boxes
  4. is that the 12volt psu above the dvr ? oxo
  5. xeno 300 gig 8 way dvr lan ready with psu ??? interested they are 900 new frok norbain sd
  6. Lxt makita all day fast charge time 22 mins and very powerfull i used the impact driver every day
  7. Its the main 7amp our battery i had this today i fitted a g2 20 and i ad and old batt in the van even thou it showed 13volts the amps where none exsistant i think the pannel must monitor the amps hense te error code
  8. me send me a price list mate if you still have them
  9. Pull the fuse on the fused spur feeding the pannel then remove the battery the most importantly check and label up all of the exsisting cables inside the pannel oh and disconnect the sab as it will be ringing and waking up the neighbours
  10. Very expensive our company looked into this a few years ago not sure what te training is like
  11. They are good for rsj`s and also concreate slabs but the hilti cartridges arnt cheap i still stick to my 36 volt sds and a chalk line
  12. I have heard the install side anit great but the serive engineers are doing fine more then enough calls for them
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