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  1. 50131 refers to Interconnection types as: Specific Wired Interconnection I understand this type Non Specific Wired Interconnection defined as "interconnection conveying information pertaining to two or more applications" not really sure of this type Wire-Free Interconnection I understand this type If someone can give me an example of no-specific interconnection it will help me understand it a bit better. Thanks
  2. Hiya, Can someone give me examples of non-specific wired interconnections as used with Intruder systems. I'm trying to explain this to some apprentices. My first thought was using an 8 core to wire 2 or more detectors using FSL, would I be right in thinking this??
  3. CQR Multibox, I've had customers thinking the strobe was flashing, they are bright.
  4. It's now the 1853 Knowledge Course, college based or the 2882 Old NVQ now called QCF which is work based learning and assessment. We do it in Gateshead, bit far for you to travel.
  5. Have just taken over a site with two Menvier M12 Smoke Detectors connected, programmed as Fire. Is it right or wrong for them to signal to C/S and the Fire Brigade to be called.
  6. for the info, just a small system, no networking, no linking to anything. Does any body know if there is a maximum operating height for the smokes. One of the ceilings is approx 40-50 ft high it's the main staircase 7m squared.
  7. Just been to look at a site today. It's a listed building, there's no way of installing cables. Been looking at EMS wireless euipment, any views.
  8. mijam


    Hello everybody had been working for nationals installing, servicing intruder, CCTV, access, fire, gates for a good few years, got fed up then got into installing Fire as a subby, then thought hang on a minute why not do it for myself, so I did. Steadilly building up my own customer base. We also do a lot of electrical work. Have a look at my website tell me what you think. Visit My Website
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