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  1. HELLO GUYS N GALS ! I am about to start the process of becoming BAFE approved. does anyone use or can recommend a cad design program / software or is there a simpler way to design and produce drawings?? any help much appreciated regards andy
  2. Thanks guys much appreciated. Andy
  3. HI GUYS N GALLS, Does anyone use a company for there RAMS or do you right your own, Whats the best way. I have found a company on line but they want £30.00 a month and for only 1 rams, and 6 a month is 135 plus vat. is it me being from Yorkshire is or is that expensive or the going rate ? any advice anyone ? thanks andy
  4. HI GUYS N GALS, before I start iam not green ive doing this too long and iam not afraid of loosing work in all the right circumstances but this takes the biscuit. Driving to a job to install a new system and we pass a job that's due a store refit next week and I notice a bright shinny new bell box, Strange, so I went inside and introduced myself, I questioned the new system. apparently Head office had authorised it said the member of staff. So as you do, I ring Head office and no one knows nothing about it ! well i rang the "new company" and questioned it they said yes it had been authorised and here is the persons name. Which it turns out to be a member of staff ! so i called the store today to try and get to the bottom of this only to find out that a Cold call sales lady, had been in, said she had been sent from HO and could you just sign this to say I had been in store. The following week a brand new alarm had been installed with new Redcare monitoring !! The main point to this is, to my dismay I called the local police force only to be told yes you did hold the live urn but it had been transferred to the new installer. I questioned this and said surely you should contact the installer and say have you lost this job, is the transfer legal, because in this instance it wasn't. apparently NOT ! has anyone else come across this ? anyway good news, We are ripping the shinny new system out on Monday and fitting our shinny new one that week, and I have already applied for the URN. I carnt believe how easy the police force released the URN without some kind of checks. so up yours big guy, little guy wins this one. just need to track down the con woman that signed them up, give her a piece of my mind. rant over, thanks
  5. HI guys n gals, Does anyone have or know of any cad program for fire plans / layouts. thanks andy
  6. thanks norman, that's what I meant to put but at my age the hand from brain coordination is fu**ed. regards andy
  7. HI GUYS AND GALS, Boring one I know, anyone recommend a vinyl label printer, to get some panel labels etc done ??? or is it old hat now ?
  8. ive had the same letter, its a joke. its about time they fell into line and it was done centrally. email applications and bacs payments. !! rant over or is that just me ???
  9. hi guys n gals BIG ask I known but does anyone have a confidentiality agreement for staff that they wouldn't mind sharing ?? thanks andy
  10. I will post the other half of the picture then you will understand ! oh and I am just a happy chap thanks for your serious reply mr happy, thought of that but its 130mins long
  11. hi guys n gals, downloaded some footage on to disc from a Samsung dvr, and it has put the player on etc and its in the VFS4 format, anyone know how to convert this to avi or wmv or knows of any software out there ?? trolled the net but only get **** says it works, downloads loads of rubbish then crashes ya pc. help guys andy
  12. hi guys we have been running alarm master from pc date in hull for years now. does anyone have there mobile version ? if so is it any good ?? or does anyone run any office software they could recommend ? thanks guys n gals
  13. guys really helpful replies. attended site today and saw the cctv company using 20mm gal conduit with circular end on. so iam going to match up with what they have used. must just say though because they have fixed straight to the girder which is on a angle and not flat, there poles hanging down look **** with the camera on the ends. I am sure the client will choose our cctv system next time when I point out how **** the swaying poles look. but thanks guys job now sorted !!
  14. HI RFS ! That's where ive seen them !! thanks for your help but not knowing where they are from doesn't help lol but thanks anyway. hi cubit, thanks for your reply too. ive seen and used the unistrut etc but I have seen a neat solution but carnt see it on the net. will try QED in the morning thanks
  15. hi guys n gals ! got a job to do and client wants all 360 detection to be hung from the girders, struggling to find a 3meter pole with a fitting to fix steel girder and then on other end the fixing plate for a 360deg pir. anyone done this before or knows where to source such fittings thanks andy
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