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  1. I haven’t fitted any X3s yet. Thinking about possibly starting to install some on new installs but wanted to clarify if the backlight issue had been fixed or not.
  2. Hi, Have Texecom fixed their issue with the backlights failing in their Odyssey X external sounders. I've heard people say that they have and people say they haven't and I've seen a few with failed backlights and some that have been installed for around a year that still have functioning backlights. Thanks, Alex
  3. Hi, A few weeks a go I heard that Honeywell had supposeldy discontinued the Accenta and Optima Gen4 range. I emailed Honeywell for clarification but never got a response so I decided to ask on here. Does anyone here know if Honeywell actually have discontinued the Accenta/Optima G4 range of control panels, keypads etc?
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